水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第375
I think Nana-san got a bit too excited this week… She had problems talking/pronouncing. XDDD

Anyway, she spoke a bit about the Koma Gekijou DVD, having to apologize to Misato again. XDD;; Honestly, I feel bad for Misato. Only she got cut out and she had so much hilarity potential. D: She sounded a bit sad/upset about that too. XP Oh well, nothing to be done now…

And when it comes to talking about this DVD, there’s no way anyone can leave Tomokazu Sugita and Suzumura Kenichi out. XDDD She revealed that those two dragged out the play longer than it was intended to be (I think that was obvious to all who saw it/watched the DVD… Especially Suzumura’s part. XDDD) and turned the entire thing into a comedy act. XDDDD

But enough about that. The highlight of this week’s Smile-Gang lies in the revelation of some VERY interesting news. Ready? It’s…


If you thought the ULTIMATE DIAMOND TRUCK was awesome… Prepare yourself for the next level…
There will be a MIZUKI NANA TRAIN that takes passengers straight to Seibu Dome for the concert next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^o^)/ DIAMOND EXPRESS!
Let me on that train NOW! XDDD …Actually, the possible insanity that potentially await inside this train is rather intimidating. XDDDDDD


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