O(≧∇≦)Oキタ—-!!! [Mizuki Nana]

Kasumi has been grinning like an idiot since 7:30pm today. I’m sure most can guess why already. XD


Pictures are of LQ because I took it with my camera phone. And obviously, my hands were shaking due to excitement so more bluriness. XDDD You can’t see it in these pictures, but the cover is actually sparkly. So is the booklet. 😀 IT FEELS AWESOME SIMPLY HOLDING THE CASE IN MY HAND! XDDDD
Anyway, I spent the past hour watching the DVD. No live performance of Trickster and Trinity Cross. D: But Nana-san was so cute!!! CUTE! IN CAPITALS! XDDD And everyone was so funny. Especially Tomokazu Sugita and Suzumura Kenichi.
“My Pokemon cards are gone.”

Sugita’s anime and game neta are too hilarious. XDDDD

Okay, to prevent this most from becoming non-sensical, incoherent fangirling, I will stop here and write more tomorrow. XDDDD

BUT YAY!!! I’VE GOT MY COPY!!! *happily bounces away* XDDDDD


20 comments on “O(≧∇≦)Oキタ—-!!! [Mizuki Nana]

        • I would think higher quality photos are floating around the internet already? XDDD Besides, I’m half expecting you to post even more photos than that. XD
          Patience is a virtue. :3 Not very convincing coming from someone who already has ULTIMATE DIAMOND delivered. XDDDDD And just remember, the wait will be worth it. ;D

          • true, but i forced myself to avoid watching them… … but couldn’t avoid yours xDDDD
            and indeed you’re expecting right ! >:) muahahahaaha.
            ~(*v*)~ everything from nana is worth the wait ~(*v*)~
            but i prefer not to think about what will happen when my eyes will see that small package in my mailbox… … ohoh.
            by the way i wanna play pokemon with nana-san !!!!!!!!!!!
            by the way i wanna play pokemon with nana-san !!!!!!!!!!!

            • You could’ve still avoided mine. XDDD
              Just don’t faint when you see that soft small grey package in your mailbox. You don’t want it to get stolen! XDDDDD
              Any game is fine if it means that I get to be with Nana-san! XDDDD

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