ULTIMATE DIAMOND 発売日!!! [Mizuki Nana]


^Self-explanatory. ULTIMATE DIAMOND DEBUTED AT NUMBER 1 ON ORICON DAILY CHART!!! (≧ω≦)/ Congratulations to Nana-san! 😀

My copy should be arriving soon… :3


9 comments on “ULTIMATE DIAMOND 発売日!!! [Mizuki Nana]

      • XDDD
        YUI’s way more mainstream than Nana. She did OP/ED songs for Bleach, and has lots of tie-ins. But yeah, FMA probably played a huge part. IIRC, Sakamoto Maaya barely moved her album compared to her release of Triangler for Macross Frontier. 😛

        • XDDDD
          True. After all, we can find YUI-related products at our local CD stores no problem yet never see anything Mizuki Nana. D:
          It’s FMA. Not that I got past ep.1 of FMA: Brotherhood. ^^;; I can’t get used to Roy’s voice! >.<
          Never underestimate the power that anime has on the music world. XDDDD

          • XDDDDDDD
            >_< Don't remind me. XDDD
            I’ve never watched it? 😛 XDDDD Everyone’s voice is different except for Ed and Al’s, no?
            But… Nana should sell more that way! XDD

            • XDDDDDD
              But you’re reminded every time you browse a CD store anyway! XDDDD
              Watch the first anime series should you ever decide to watch it. It tells a different story compared to the manga. :3 Hughes, King Bradley, Armstrong, etc. kept their original voice actors too.
              Nana-san needs to sing OP/EDs for more mainstream/popular anime. XP

              • XDDDDDD
                >_> That’s why I don’t browse CD stores often. XDDDD
                I know, but… I doubt I’m going to watch any new series. XD; O_O So only Roy and Hawkeye’s VAs got changed?
                D: YES. I’ve been wondering why Etsuraku Camellia wasn’t used as an OP/ED for Naruto, considering that Nana voices Hinata and that the song really fits in terms of music style. >_<

              • XDDDDDD
                >_> But you still browse them sometimes. 😛 XDDD
                I want to watch new series, but nothing catches my interest. D: No, about 60-70% of seiyuu changed. Still… It feels weird. >_<
                Etsuraku Camellia can’t be used as a Naruto opening because of its lyrics. And it’s not “hot-blooded” enough to be a Naruto opening anyway. XD;;

              • XDDDDDDD
                Only to look for Nana related stuff and be all annoyed when there’s nothing. XDDDDD
                Try K-ON? Apparently it’s made of awesome. >_< At least it's faithfully following the manga? 😛
                Too much sexy-back? XDDDDDDDDDD O_O It is hot-blooded. So much so people get nosebleeds. XDDDDD

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