Mの世界 一日復活!?

…Did I not check Nana-san’s blog yesterday? I can’t remember. D: Either that, or she posted it late but…

GOLD RUSH – THE WORLD OF M WILL BE BACK ON MAY 31 (for one day only…)
I look forward to that voice acting corner! XD

And Etsuraku Camellia on MUSIC JAPAN! 😀 😀 😀

I will be relying heavily on NicoNico again for both of these broadcasts… When have I not relied on NicoNico? XDDD

Yes, I felt like spamming. XP


Ah… Was randomly surfing News page of Nana-san’s webpage. The Koma Gekijou DVD info was updated and… Yeah, I think that explains why Nana-san was apologizing to Misato on Smile-Gang about 3 weeks ago. Misato isn’t listed in the credits section. Which likely means she was taken out of the DVD. D:


49 comments on “Mの世界 一日復活!?

  1. GOLD RUSH WILL BE BACK? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    And yeah, I think she updated twice. XD

    • For one day only, but YES IT WILL BE BACK! 😀 We get to listen to that awesome voice acting corner again! XD
      Not just tissues, stretchers need to be prepared too. Fainting due to bloodloss. XDDD

      • Send in letters! Tell her we want to hear her saying “I love you, Nanoha” in loli!Fate and adult!Fate voices! XDDDDD
        Defibrillators too! Heart attacks in addition to fainting and bloodloss! XDDDDD
        You being random = Good. XD

        • I don’t think we’d hear much of a difference between loli!Fate and adult!Fate… ^^;;
          Let’s save all the trouble. Watch MUSIC JAPAN inside the Emergency Room. XDDDD
          It is? :O

            • She does that even when she’s 19! XDDD
              Uh, first come first serve? XP (Those who don’t fit will just have to find some other way to survive the bloodloss/heart attacks on their own).
              I’m usually the most random when I’m sleepy… Which reminds me, I should head to bed now. XP

              • O_O She does? I haven’t paid enough attention to StrikerS. XDDDDDDDD
                I’ll just reserve one for the two of us. The rest can just die happily. XDDDDD
                Cause you’re random!happy and that amuses me? XD

              • Why did I not get an alert to your comment? D:
                Anyway, yes, she does. START PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO STRIKERS! XD
                Good idea! At least they’re dying happily XDDD
                I don’t see what’s so amusing about my randomness. :O

              • My comment must’ve been too awesome for the alerts to work. 😀
                *cowers* Yes, Master. XDDDDDDDD
                Yep. Death-by-Nana-Sexiness, best way to go. XDDDDDDDD
                Just continue being random. XDD

              • Maybe. 😛
                O_O *blinks* *rubs eyes* *blinks again* Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?
                I’d prefer to talk and shake Nana-san’s hand instead. XD
                That’s not up to me to control. XDD

    • Well, it’s either that or the extreme heat over here melted the alert. XP
      That you called me ‘Master’ That you became Raising Heart. XDDDDDD
      Yes… >_>;; But at least I’d be happy? XDDD
      Yes way. XD

        • Yes, the extremes are insane. I’m having trouble sleeping at night due to the heat. D:
          …O_O… You’re the one who asked. XDD
          I’d have to disagree. XDDD I don’t want her running me over or anything. XDDDDDD
          Yes way. 😀

          • >_< Don't wear anything to sleep. XDDDDDDDDDd
            … XDD But… Raising Heart?! >_< RH wouldn't cower, she'd Starlight Breaker everyone. D:
            Nana’s too nice to run anyone over, how dare you care such aspersions on her! XDDDD
            No way. 😀

            • *points to icon*
              O_O Are you okay? Did you hit your head? XDDD RH says ‘Master’ all the time! And it’s Nanoha who Starlight Breaker everyone; RH can’t do SLB on its own. 😛
              …An accident is an accident. >_>;;
              Yes way. :3

              • *points to icon* XDDD
                …Why, Master? XDD But it didn’t have to be RH, it could be some other person/device! D:
                …Are you implying Nana wouldn’t take responsibility for her actions? D<
                No way. 3:

              • *points to icon* XDD
                Because you’re calling me Master! XDD What other device says ‘Master’? Bardiche says Sir, Cross Mirage says Ma’am, and Mach Calibur Buddy.
                No. But I’d be unhappily dead. D:
                Yes way. >D

              • *points to icon*
                Then would you prefer Sir? Some other unknown device, like me. 😀
                …How dare you be dissatisfied with what Nana-sama gives you? D:
                No way. D<

              • *points to icon*
                Either way, you’re saying that you serve me. O_O You’re a device now? :O
                …I dare. XP
                Yes way. >3
                EDIT: Wrong icon… XDD;;

              • *points to icon*
                Yes, Sir? Yep. XDDDDDDDDDD
                …*points out the crowd holding pitchforks and torches behind you*. XDDDDD
                No way. 3<

              • *points to icon*
                That means I can order you to do anything I want! >D What can you do? Attacks? Healing properties? XDDDD
                … *ignores and moves on with life* XDDD
                …What are we ‘no way, yes way’-ing about again? Oh right, my randomness. XDDD

    • *points to icon*
      I demand fic! >D …That’s rather…uh… convenient… >_>;; Anything else?
      *raises an eyebrow* You’re in control of this crowd?
      YES WAY! XD

        • *points to icon*
          WHY NOT? D: Your sudden ‘deshou’ amused me. XD Hm, I see. They don’t seem to be able to do much. XD
          Well, here’s my second command: Tell your crowd to go away. I like my open space. XP
          YES WAY. >3

            • *points to icon* I think our icon pointing has lost its original purpose. XDDD
              Well, it should be. You need to go for an upgrade. XD …No? But the crowd isn’t useful. And what kind of device tries to attack its user? D:
              Much better. 😀
              YES WAY

              • *points to icon* I lack appropriate icons in my database on LJ to have a proper icon pointing contest, Sir.
                When will that be, Sir? ): The crowd is useful for mobbing people. A device that has it’s own mind, Sir.
                Yes Sir.
                NO WAY! D:

              • *points to icon*
                How about now? *drops V off at the device upgrade/repair shop* That’s not useful. XP I thought all Intelligent Devices had their own minds?
                You are not to disobey your user. >D

              • *points to icon*
                I require special and customised upgrades and not a mass production shop, Sir. Well, this Intelligent Device is way more intelligent than the rest. XDDDD
                *eager* XDDDDD
                Why not?

              • *points to icon*
                I have requested special and customized upgrades for you. Off you go! XD …So you say… >_>;;
                Eager for what? XDDD
                Because that is not how an Intelligent Device behaves.

              • *points to icon*
                I want Shari and Mariel! *pouts …I am the most intelligent, after all. XDD
                I decide what I behave like, Sir.

              • *points to icon*
                Get them back here! D:< Yep. XDDDDDDDD
                What is the use of intelligence if I follow your instructions blindly, Sir?

              • *points to icon*
                They were never here (97th Non-Administered Planet – Earth) to begin with, so I can’t get them back here. >_>;;
                You don’t see Bardiche Assault disobeying orders from Fate T. Harlaown!

    • The general advice would be to watch the broadcast within the a hospital (specifically the Emergency Room) so that your life won’t be in danger. XD
      Especially since you’re already nosebleeding-gonna-faint even before actually watching it. XDDD

      • fan bloodloss : the easiest and fastest way to obtain fresh blood 8DD
        would had been funny if it was aired on 14th June, cuz that’s actually World Blood Doner Day xDDDD

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