Mizuki Nana Wake Up Call?! wwwww

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第368回【デジラジ音源】

Anyone who wants and/or needs a good laugh must listen to this week’s Smile-Gang. I laughed so hard, I began pounding on the table because it was that funny. (≧ω≦)b
Though admittedly, people who have yet to watch that MUSIC JAPAN broadcast (featuring Mizuki Nana as guest) would probably have a hard time understanding just what’s so funny about the first and final part of Smile-Gang this week.

So MUSIC JAPAN airs on Sundays in Japan.
Nana-san’s mother (aka Kondou Michiko – Mizuki Nana’s number one fan XD) apparently, is the head of Nana Club (a Mizuki Nana fanclub) which consists of fans that range from 30 to 60 years old. XDDD These people are actually students of Michiko-san’s (Nana-san’s mother is a Enka teacher, remember?) who happen to be Mizuki Nana fans. They meet every Sunday, but because MUSIC JAPAN was on Sunday, the fanclub meeting was cut short (but not before Michiko-san reminding the ‘fans’ to watch MUSIC JAPAN that night). XD
Anyway, Michiko-san called Nana-san up that night after MUSIC JAPAN to share her thoughts with her.

Beginning at 6:26…
Mother: I watched it~!
Nana: Ah, thank you!
Mother: Wasn’t it great that you got to sing?
Nana: Yeah, but I think I got a bit too absorbed into the song that it’s somewhat embarassing…
Mother: No no, it was great. By the way, weren’t there 3 other girls on that show with you? Pakyuun-san, was it?
Nana: Pakyuun!? Eh!? Wait, wait. You meant Perfume-san!
Mother: Perfume? Ah, I was so close! They (Perfume and Pakyuun) sound alike! I was just a little bit off.
Nana: It’s Perfume-san.
Mother: Ah, Pa-pa-Pafume-san?

XDDDDD Poor Perfume girls. All the Mizuki Nana fans will now call them Pakyuun girls. *laughs*

As a parting shot for this week’s Smile-Gang, Mizuki Nana imitated the Perfume girls’ introduction on MUSIC JAPAN. It’s at 26:12.

Kashiyuka desu! Aa-chan desu! Nochi-desu! Sannin awasete~ Pakyuun desu!
(≧ω≦)b GJ Nana-san! XDDDDDD Though I’m not sure you’re really supposed to do that! You might upset them! XDD


The next segment that followed after the talk about MUSIC JAPAN and Pakyuun Perfume is Sma-Dai Campus Life! Basically, it’s the random hilarity corner where Misato lures Nana-san into making perverted outbursts makes fun of Nana-san. XD

This week, the rules are simple. Misato gives a scenario of a yet-to-awaken person and Mizuki Nana has to say something (be the alarm) to wake the person up. This starts at 10:08.

Scenario 1: A person who just entered the work world and has yet to get used to waking up early.
.Nana alarm: Ohayou (Good morning)! Wake up! If you don’t wake up, the boss is going to be mad! Ohayou! Wake up! If you don’t wake up, the boss is going to be mad!

Scenerio 2: A kindergartener who is already awake but refuses to leave his/her futon (bed) because he/she does not want the mom to find out that he/she wet the bed.
Nana alarm: Hora hora! If you blow on it (to dry it), you won’t get caught! Hora hora! If you blow on it, you won’t get caught!

^I just laughed hard at that. XDD Misato followed up with: But what about the smell?

Scenerio 3: An American who has decided to be an exchange student in Japan for one month.
Nana alarm: Good morning! I’ve brought your Sushi, Tempura, (and) kabuki! Good morning! I’ve brought your Sushi, Tempura, (and) kabuki.
(^Notes: Err… I’m not too knowledgeable about foods… What the heck is Kabuki?! Or is it some sort of saying I’m unfamiliar with? D: Or maybe I’m misintepreting the entire sentence because kabuki is supposed to mean Japanese Dance drama?)

^Misato claims that alarm as “unclear in meaning” and demands a second shot.

Nana alarm 2: It is dangerous hang out with Geisha. It is dangerous to hang out with Geisha.
^I still don’t understand… Whatever… I know it’s to do with tradition but… -__-;;

Scenario 4: A teacher who is trying to wake up a student in the mornings.
Nana alarm: Mmhm~ Wake up! Your teacher will give you a kiss. Mmhm~ wake up! Your teacher will give you a kiss.

^I wonder if any fans (girls and boys) fainted at that? XDDD
^^Misato says that’s not enough (kissing isn’t enough) and demands a second alarm.

Nana alarm 2: Sensei will make your heart beat in joy. Sensei will make your heart beat in joy.

^I sense nosebleeds from many listeners… XDDDD Yup, Misato, you’re definitely the one to lure Nana-san into these kinds of outbursts. XDDDDD

And that’s all for Smile-Gang this week! :3


6 comments on “Mizuki Nana Wake Up Call?! wwwww

  1. didn’t understand everything at first listening but thanks to you I laughed even harder aswell xDDDDDD
    thaaaanks for sharing ❤
    i think sushi, kabuki and geisha are japanese stereotypes for an American
    i did’nt recover from the sensei alarms yet…. …. XDDDDD
    first one nearly killed me… and second finished me off (x______x)’
    ~Mhmhm~Hayaku okinasai!~
    Thanks you Misato-san for making Nana-san that funny !! ❤

    • No problem. 😉 Nana-san epicness/awesomeness deserves to be shared. XDDD
      I always thought samurai and ninja are Japanese stereotypes for Americans… But yeah, I think you’re right… Though honestly, I did not know what kabuki was until I looked it up. >_>;;

      Someone seriously need to make mp3 rips for those ‘alarms.’ I’d definitely set the first one as the alarm on my mobile. XDDDD
      Yup. Smile-Gang will never be Smile-Gang without Misato. XDDDD

      • “Someone seriously need to make mp3 rips for those ‘alarms.’ I’d definitely set the first one as the alarm on my mobile. XDDDD”
        I WAS THINKING THE SAME !!!! XDDDD (actually my alarm is nana singing tears night studio live ❤ ❤ <3)
        If I have time, I’ll do it ! (>.<)

    • Well, at least you’re grinning. :3
      And yes, I agree with you… If you call that English (the only English was ‘Good morning.’) XDDD But it’s definitely miles better than “Gallop! Pony Love”. XDDDDDDDDD
      :O But she does that all the time! XDDDD

  2. abt the scenario 3 XD the so call *kabuki* i think she saying come get it -_-” i nearly laugh at her Eng XP

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