Gimmick Game [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第367回【デジラジ音源】
First broadcast in Ehime-ken!!! \(^o^)/ Congratulations to Nana-san because it is a dream come true of sorts to her. :3
Now, despite this being the first broadcast in her hometown, Nana-san revealed that she hasn’t told her mother yet (with the reason being that she is embarassed). XDD;;

But anyway, this week’s Smile-Gang was hilarious as always. This program has yet to fail in making me at least smile when listening to it. But, often, it is purely because of Misato. XDDD

Onto Gimmick Game… Did anyone else get Initial D vibes from this song? XDDD It’s mainly the opening/chorus part. I can’t shake off the image of an AE86 racing down. ^^;; Or maybe it’s just me and my (weird?) love for racing games/anime. ^^;;
Hm… First the Gundam feel with PRIDE OF GLORY and now Initial D with Gimmick Game. What next? XD

A little interesting tidbit about the recording of Gimmick Game. The recording process for this song was very tiring for Nana-san. She had to take several breaks throughout (something that I assume she doesn’t do often). The talk about this song eventually led to Nana-san joking that there should be something called Gimmick Game Diet. XDDD

Ok, I am in dire need of sleep now since I have to wake up early tomorrow and all. ;_; Will have to catch up on all the Mizuki Nana stuff I’ve missed out on during my stay in HK some other time. XD

Oh and I just checked… YESASIA actually has the First Edition of Ultimate Diamond for pre-order! Well, I guess that means I’m going with YESASIA then. 😀

3 comments on “Gimmick Game [Mizuki Nana]

  1. now that you said it yeah it quite sounds like a racing song (.__.)’
    gonna try YesAsia too \o/, hope it’s better than CDJapan
    I heard that YesAsia is free shipping and duty-free if you take standard shipping method but slower … well maybe not coz it took me 3 weeks to get my order at CDJapan with EMS (damn french shipping agent !! (>__<) )

    • It’s the adrenaline-rushing rhythm/pace of the song. 😀
      I’ve used YesAsia before (for Live Fighter) and free-shipping and duty-free is what makes it much more attractive than CDJapan. :3 I originally thought YesAsia wasn’t going to have the First Edition of ULTIMATE DIAMOND (they didn’t have First Editions of anything before…Even when I pre-ordered Live Fighter, I still got the normal edition >.<).
      But now that it turns out they do have the First Edition, it’s problem solved for me. 😀
      Wait, using EMS and it still took 3 weeks? :O Standard shipping method with YesAsia took about a week and a half (though Christmas and New Years holidays had a big role to play in delaying my receiving of the package)… And I live in Canada, so not sure how it is in France. ^^;;

      • it took one week for the package (live fighter) to get in France (indeed christmas + new year holidays so it’s not too bad) but then it took about 10 days to get in my house thanks to LAZY french shipping agent (-_____-)’
        maybe i was just unlucky… well i don’t really care anymore since it was worth it :3
        oh and i received it on January 21th xDDD
        A week and a half for standard shipping ?! (o___O) greeat ! I believe it’s longer in France since YesAsia ships through Allemagne; heard it takes about 2 weeks.
        Anyway thanks you for the info.
        Too bad you didn’t get the 2 big posters ! xDDD
        And I just can’t wait anymore … … maaaayyy (x____x)

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