Animelo 2008 – Mizuki Nana duets

Jet lag + Mizuki Nana withdrawal + recently acquired netbook = Kasumi back on LJ earlier than planned. 😀

So anyway, get ready for a looong Mizuki Nana-related post now that I’ve got a chance to watch the Animelo 2008 videos.

Nana Mizuki & Yukari Tamura Animelo Summer Live 2008 challenge — 恋せよ女の子

Watched the video? Ok, ready set… SQUEEEEAL! XDDDDDD
Hey, no one can deny that Nana-san was extremely cute there. From the choreography to her expression to all the little actions. 😀
And I’m sure all the YukarixNana fans are definitely screaming in happiness that they held hands (twice!) while they ran up and down the stage. XDDDD The camera person even zoomed in to emphasize that they were HOLDING HANDS! XDDDD

Now, about the singing, Yukarin’s voice drowns out Nana-san’s voice during the chorus and various parts (which is kind of amusing to me considering there is no doubt that Mizuki Nana is the one with the stronger voice that is supposed to carry further XD). But I must say, I rather liked Yukarin singing Ano ne. It fits her (with it being those sweet-cute kiddy songs), and truth be told, it’s the only Nana song that I do not have on my computer or any music player due to it being my least favourite song. It simply isn’t my style of song. XP But that aside, Yukarin did a great job with the “chikyuu~chikyuu~” part. 😀 Once again, they managed to portray the definition of cute through 2 songs alone, which shows how awesome the two of them are (more so on Mizuki Nana’s part… But hey, most would think I’m being biased! XD).

水樹奈々 + 宝野アリカ – ETERNAL BLAZE 「Animelo Summer Live 2008」 with MC

It’s old news that AliPro messed up the lyrics to ETERNAL BLAZE at Animelo 2008… But I never heard about the missed cue at the beginning! D: I find that disrespectful to Nana-san! >_< …I mean this only half-heartedly since I can buy the nervous reason. :3 But Nana-san seems to be fine with it (calling AliPro cute and hugging her arm and all after the song was over). XDDD Takarano was supposed to sing Kimi dake ga shitte iru “Hontou” o boku ni misete but she sang “Massugu ni uke tomeru [slurred word] [slurred word that sounds like nani]. ^^;;

Still, it was a nice duet. :3 Well worth watching. 😀

Ok, hopefully I can sleep now. XP


15 comments on “Animelo 2008 – Mizuki Nana duets

    *is hyper now* XDDD
    And yes, the duets are awesome! Especially Koi Se Yo Onna No Ko because of Gokujou Seitokai. XDDD And yeah, we agreed on the Nana getting overpowered by Yukarin part! XDDD

      I missed you too. :3 I started grinning while sitting on the sofa (with both my parents with me) when I saw your comment. XDD
      I thought you were going to say “Especially Koi Se Yo Onna No Ko because it’s a duet between Nana and Yukari!!!” XDDD
      Yes, we did agree on that, but I was kind of hoping it was just that part in the clip/part and not all the duet parts. XD

        😀 😀 😀 Didn’t they ask you what happened? XD I guess I can’t go into pervmode now. XDDD
        That’s reserved for all the duet songs. XDDD
        It’s all the parts, Yukarin just owns all the high pitched parts. XDDDDDD

        • XDDDDD
          No, they just looked at me weirdly and tried to glance over to see what I was doing. XDDD No, you shouldn’t go into perv-mode. XD Though it wouldn’t matter since I can’t stay on the computer for long periods of time to hold any commentsations while I’m here. XP
          It kind of gives off the feeling of Nana-san being shafted. D: By Yukarin no less! D: D: D:

          • XDDDD
            LOL, now I’m getting a mental image of that exact scene and grinning. XDDDD I shouldn’t? 😛 *sigh* Get back soon! XP
            …You know, that sentence was quite pervy. XDDDDD *runs* But yeah, kind of shafted. Maybe Yukarin’s mike was louder because the sound-techs thought Nana’s powerful vocals would kill Yukarin’s? XDDD

            • XDDDDDD
              You shouldn’t be grinning about that! Even though I’m grinning right now. ^^;; XDDDD No, you shouldn’t because you’d make me facepalm… Which in certain ways is worse than grinning. XDDD *pats* Soon… XP
              How is that sentence pervy? D: XDDD Well then, the sound techs thought wrong. D: I DEMAND ANOTHER DUET!!! XDDDDD

              • XDDDDDDDDDDDD
                It’s fun to see you trying to close all the tabs to prevent them from seeing my pervyness? XDDDDDD HAH! :O yes, facepalming is definitely worse than grinning! But perv-mode is fun… D; Dilemma! XP
                If you don’t get it, never mind. I don’t want to explain either. ^^; XP Doesn’t everyone? XDDDDDDD

              • XDDDDDDDDDDDD
                I just switch to another tab, much easier than trying to frantically close the tabs. XDDDD D: Perv-mode is fun for you, not necessarily me? XDDDD Yeah. ;_;
                Yeah, I probably don’t want to know either. XD
                But we should have a valid reason before we make such demands. Now we do! XDDD

              • XDDDDDDDDD
                :O [ego]So all your tabs aren’t just filled with post/comments by me?[/ego] XDDDDD You should get into perv-mode too! XDDDDD 😛
                So we’ll change the topic. XD
                We’re obsessive fans, we don’t need a reason to demand stuff! XDDDD
                I rewatched the video, and AliPro is really… >.< Nana's outfit is too darned cute and sexy at the same time though. XDD
                And I cannot get how the fans can manage to stay alive during the concerts… Continously jumping with the lightsticks is hard.

              • XDDDDDDDDD
                Uh…no? >_>;; Ok fine, I’ll be honest, I have 3 tabs open, 2 tabs are comments/posts by you, 1 tab is my own LJ mainpage. XDDD That’s a horrible idea! XDDDD
                Good! XDDD
                But they might not listen to obsessive fans that don’t need reason to demand stuff! :O XDDD
                AliPro is really…?
                IT IS! Then again, everything Nana-san wears is either cute or sexy or both. XDDD
                Not only that, how do the fans even manage to not permanently lose their voice after all that screaming and shouting as well as the jumping while waving lightsticks. XD

              • XDDDDDDDDDDD
                Nobody believes denials! XDDDD SEE? *ego inflates* XDDD No, that’s a perfectly great idea that you should implement! XDDD
                See below. XDDDDD
                We’re obsessive fans, they have to listen to us or risk losing money. XDDD
                I have no words for that LOL. XP
                YES! Now you’re making me want to rewatch Live Formula’s Dancing in the Velvet Moon for the outfit. XDDDD
                Yeah, exactly. My voice just went to nothing after like an hour. D:

      Some denials are believable! XDDDD *pokes ego to deflate it* It’s a horrible idea that should never be implemented! Or maybe you should implement it for yourself. 😀 XDDDD
      They’re gaining money regardless of whether they’re listening to the obsessive fangirls or not. D: We’re still purchasing CDs/DVDs/whatever products they think of. >.<;;
      No words? Not even one? XDDD
      Go rewatch it! XDDD
      You went to a concert? :O

      • XDDDDDD
        Not the ones by you. XDDDD *ego deflates* 😦 I already am implementing perv mode! you should start now! XDDDDD
        *sigh* The power of obsession. Mizuki Nana’s way too awesome. XDDDD
        Well… FAIL? XP
        No time. D;
        May’n at AFA? 😛 Went ‘clubbing”, sort of and it was pretty much the same.

  2. ~pakyuu pakyuu~
    *has been shot~pakyuu~dead*
    I think I died of cuteness…
    arika was very still while nana was so expressive heh? ._.’ consequence : i find that duet pretty strange to watch… but to listen it was total awsmness!!
    oh and I added you to my friends, hope it doesn’t bother you :o)

    • Re: ~pakyuu pakyuu~
      *revives with pakyuu~pakyuu~* XDDDD
      Yeah, for a few moments, Arika looked like she didn’t even seem to realize Nana-san was holding onto her arm. XDDD
      In terms of watching, Koi se yo Onna no Ko & Ano ne was much more enjoyable than Nana-san’s duet with Takarano Arika. But yes, it was definitely enjoyable!!! 😀
      Nope, doesn’t bother me. Friended you back. 😉

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