Movie 1st @ TAF2009 [MSLN]

It’s been several days since TAF2009. I’m not seeing many pictures/videos floating around the net with regards to the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha MOVIE 1st Talk Show… Or am I just not looking hard enough?

But I did manage to come across a script of what transpired at the talk show on a Japanese MSLN blog. Link found here.

Meh, they should’ve gotten Mizuki Nana on there too, but that’d probably be asking for too much. Besides, if Mizuki Nana AND Tamura Yukari are there, they’d be too high/laughing too much that fans won’t be able to get any new information about the movie. XDDDD

So apparently, the seiyuu involved all have the full script already.
And I laughed at Yukarin’s complaint.

Yukari: Will Nanoha get more screentime?
Mishi: Did you not read the script!?
Yukari: I’m asking because I’ve read it. Nanoha’s lines seem to have decreased! Masumin got an increase in the number of lines. Even Nana-chan got an increase in lines, yet me and Kugimiya-san received less lines…
Mishi: Well, Kugimiya never had that many to begin with…
Yukari: Even the rod/whip-wielding mother got an increase in lines!
Mishi: That’s not true! Nanoha’s screentime is not being reduced. It won’t be reduced! Of course, keep in mind that 13 episodes worth of story is being turned into a movie, so we can’t help it if certain parts are being shortened.

Yay for increased screentime for the Testarossa family! XD
I found it cute how Yukarin continues to complain about the reduced number of lines throughout the talk show, up until the very end. XD

At any rate, according to what Mishi said during the talk show, the theatrical release of the movie is now officially “sometime in 2009.” Meaning they don’t have an approximate date anymore. They’ve currently recorded two scenes thus far and it is definite that we’ll be getting new OP and ED songs. :3 (Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari better be the ones singing them! It’s MSLN tradition! XDD)


12 comments on “Movie 1st @ TAF2009 [MSLN]

  1. I laughed at her description of Precia! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    And LOL yes, Kugimiya never had that many lines to being with. XDDDD

        • Judging from the trailer, the art seems pretty good. :3
          As for NanoFate… We probably won’t be getting too much of it, especially not if time is going to be devoted to revealing the Testarossa past in the movie. XD

            • :O What do you mean by character designs?
              I’m not too fond of young!NanoFate any way, so it doesn’t matter much to me. XDDD But yeah, more about Fate and LINITH!!!!!!!! 😀 We will get to see the awesomeness of Linith!!!

              • I think I said something about it when fangirling over the trailer… character designs became more moe? >.>
                Even if it was young!NanoFate, canon saying outright that it is NanoFate would be awesome. XDD
                Was Linith in the first soundstage or the light novels?

              • Ah yes, that, I remember. Moe attracts more fans, and I think that’s what the movie is aiming to do… >_>;;
                Yes, it’d be awesome, but I doubt it’d ever happen… >_<
                Linith was in the second soundstage and in the light novel. :3

              • >_> As if the original designs weren’t moe enough. Freakin’ otaku. D:
                That’s probably my only reason for watching the movie other than Fate and Linith. XDD
                D: And nobody translated them! D: D:

              • XDDD
                It’s MSLN. You’d probably end up watching it no matter what, wouldn’t you? :O
                Translating an entire novel will probably be a bit difficult… And soundstages take a lot of time to translate…

              • O_O I completely forgot about Das Resultat Sagt Alles… ^^;; And no, what I’m doing is not translating. XP
                …You’re implying that I translate the novel? ANd the soundstage 02? Now why would I want to do that? XDDD
                PS: Hm… I suppose I should… Ok, I’ll head to bed now. Talk to you later tonight/in the morning/sometime. :3

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