News about this has been spreading like wildfire but I was too distracted to post about this yesterday.

I always expected that should the news of a 4th season be released, I’d be filled with dread. That proved to be untrue because Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha has peaked my interest. I’m not saying it will be a good idea to continue forth into a 4th season but it all depends on how the plot will be executed. Considering it’ll be in comic/manga form, it might prove to be good (or bad). XD;;

I am still amused at the name change from “shoujo” to “senki” though. I’m not complaining about the change, because I was immediately reminded of Gundam, but I honestly laughed when I realized that the word ‘shoujo’ was taken out. So it’s official, 25 years old is not ‘shoujo’ anymore. XDDD
Although, I admit, it does feel a bit weird. At first, Nanoha and Fate are younger than me. Then they are the same age. And all of sudden they’re older. 😄 So basically, we have watched them go from 9 years old (original to A’s) to 15 years old (pre-StrikerS manga) to 19 years old (StrikerS) to 20 years old (Soundstage M3) to 23 years old (Soundstage X, though Fate, Nanoha and Hayate didn’t show up at all, just mentioned by the other characters) and soon, to 25 years old in MSLN Force.

Moving away from MSLN Force, there’s also something called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid… I think we can guess who that’s going to be about… ^^;;


20 comments on “魔法戦記リリカルなのは

  1. Fine, I’ll only just ignore ViVid then. THE SAD ATTEMPTS AT ENGRISH FREAKING KILLS. D:
    Does Senki mean ‘Stars’ or ‘Banner’, btw? Or is it another word? 😄

    • Which is why I believe MSLN Force will be more or less Nanoha-centric. Think of it this way, it could’ve been worse. ^^;;
      Senki literally means “Military/Battle History.” ^^;;

      • 😀 😀 When does it come out?! Yeah, but the Vivio thing makes it a thousand times worse. XDDD
        :O Okay. Cause Seikai no Senki was Banner of the Stars, whatever that was. XDDDD
        *brain is breaking from picture of 25-year old Fate.*

        • The official date hasn’t been announced yet. More details will be released in 娘TYPE vol.01 on April 30th though. I’m starting to think you dislike Vivio more than I do. XDDD
          Probably because a bunch of other japanese words share the same pronounciation of “senki.”
          What picture of 25 year old Fate? Or are you referring to the one in StrikerS Vocal Best Album Booklet? :O I’m not sure if that really is Fate at 25 considering that art was drawn before any such news were released.

          • That’s a long time ahead. D: D: I’m blaming it on you and En. >.>
            *sigh* Japanese fail. XDD
            She’s probably at least 23! 😀 Fate looks older than Nanoha though. >.<
            But the Best Album quite some time after the news of the movie, right? Because I’m seeing a few differences from Nanoha’s BJ in StrikerS and more similarities to the BJ in the movie.

            • It is, but at least we’ll be getting something. ^^;; What did I do?! XDDD
              I think it’s because she’s in her Barrier Jacket AND has her hair down. =3 But yes, it is likely that they’re both 23 years old in that picture considering the picture came after the the one with Subaru, Teana, Caro, and Erio (around SSX timeline) in the booklet.
              I haven’t actually sat down and went through the details of Nanoha’s Barrier Jacket yet… ^^;;

              • But I’ll be dead to the world by then. >.< You influenced me into hating Vivio. 😀
                :O You’re right, her hair is down while in BJ. OMFG HAIRDOWN!FATE YAY!!!!!!! XDDDDDD
                I’m not sure, I just think it looks different around the chest, hip and shoulders. Or it might be a further sign of my mental faculties leaving me. XDD

              • Make an effort to come back here. =3 Exactly how did I do that? XDDD
                I think you mean HAIRDOWNBJ!FATE considering we’ve seen her hair down before. XDDD
                …I will have to take a better look regarding Nanoha’s BJ later. =P

              • I’m lazy. XDDDD By constantly stating your dislike for Vivio. 😀
                HAIRDOWNBJ!FATE IS HOT! I’m still fangirling over it now! XDDDDD
                …You don’t want to know what I just thought of. XDDDDDDDDD

              • Well, can’t help you there then. XP I did not constantly state my dislike for Vivio. I dislike her, but I don’t dislike her that much. In fact, I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem with her if she doesn’t speak the way that she does. D:
                …Err… That’s good to know that you’re still fangirling over it… >_>;;
                . . .
                . . .
                . . .
                *big sigh* No, I don’t want to know. I’m badly corrupted as it already is. -__-;;

              • D:< Well, you stated it enough to make me dislike her. XDDDDD …She speaks? XDDDD
                Of course I’m still fangirling over it, FEITO IS HOT!!! XDDDD
                *innocent grin* It was just NanoFate. XDDDDD

    • What did you want me to say? XDDD Then again, I’d find it hard to believe that you’d be lazy even when it comes to possible NanoFate. XDD You’re just easily influenced then, because I don’t think I stated it much at all. XDDD And yes… she speaks >_>;; XDDD
      Have you seen the other pics in the booklet? :O

      I will not be deceived by your innocent grin. >_>;;

      • This: “I will write fics in order to make you motivated!” XDDD Yeah, well, there’s that. XDD But I am lazy. D: You stated it often. D< I couldn't tell, since I skipped over her. XDDD
        Nope. I don’t really want to see people other than NanoFate. XDDDDDD
        But it’s so innocent! XDDD

  2. ANOTHER series? XDD
    But isn’t it fun that the characters are OLDER for a change. Usually one grows up and the characters stay the same. (For example I think about One Piece. I was Luffy’s age when I started reading it.. and he’s still the same while I’m six years older! XDD)

    • Yes, another series. XDDD Never underestimate the powers of transforming military personnel wielding A.I. weapons that allows them to participate in battles that rivals those that can be found in the Gundam series. XDDD (And I’m being perfectly serious. XDDDD)
      I admit it is fun to see a change. I’d definitely have problems with the series if the characters were kept at 9 years old throughout. Now I can think “Oh hey, Nanoha and Fate experienced this when they reached my age!” or something. XDD
      The possible problems the writers might run into may be the target audience. MSLN and MSLN A’s was obviously aimed at a younger audience, but with the characters growing up, I’m wondering if they are trying to aim it at the older audience or if they expect the younger ones to be able to relate to…a 25 year old… Or maybe they realized that the people who are obsessed with the series are not kids anyway. XDD;;
      Pokemon is even more ridiculous than One Piece with the age thing though. XDDDD

      • As in cool action and animation and a great fan base?? Yeah, of course. 😀
        now, if Digimon had had that kind of back-up. I mean.. the fan base. XDd
        Yup! They go through those crucial times, childhood, early teens, late teens, young adulthood,.. well, all that. 😀 It’s kind of like they really ARE growing up, since the jumps in time aren’t that big. 😉 (And the audience can relate to that.. having gone through those stages as well. 😉 )
        Hmm.. I think they’re thinking about the audience growing up AND that the audience wasn’t THAT young to begin with. XDD
        Oh, Pokémon is just ridiculous on its own. XDD (Sorry, about that. I couldn’t help myself. 🙂 I guess I mean…Pokémon is Pokémon. One of those ageless series without a plot or direction. )

        • *coughnotsosureaboutthefanbasepartcough* But yes, cool action and great animation. Well, Digimon did get 5 series too…XDDD
          Hm… I’d say the jumps in time are quite big… ^^;; Yes, the ARE growing up even if they’re sometimes too mature for their own good (but I guess that’s too be expected from people who know they could lose their life on the battlefield at any time?)
          About the audience growing up… It’s only been 5 years since MSLN first aired on TV… And the characters have gone from 9 to 25 so I’m not quite sure what to say to that. XDDD
          No, it’s fine. I find it ridiculous too, after all. XDD And suddenly, Peter Pan and Neverland comes to mind. XDD

          • The fandom is not huge?? (I really know NOTHING about it, so I’m just… assuming I guess. XXD) True. But I guess the fact that the 5th season was produced so much later and that nothing came after, is a sign of something. Pokémon is still going strong. XDD
            Aren’t the jumps just a few years??
            Hm… well, if the audience wasn’t that young to begin with it, it might be kind of fun to experience a quicker growing up rather than a slow one.. (This kind of reminds me of CT, which actually should be the “slow growing up”, given that the kids go from being kids in the 80s to teenagers/young adults of the 21st century. XDD But yeah, I started with the first anime, then a few years later watched the latest(which itself shows quick “growing up” XDD)and read a bit of Golden 23. First they were little kids, then they were my age, but it somehow still felt “natural” with all the experiences and events in the characters lives :D)
            Hmm.. I don’t know, maybe you could also compare it to a soap opera that jumps a little bit when it comes to the kid characters on the show. Even if the jumps are sudden, they at least happen and give a feeling of actual “development”. 😀
            Okay.. weird ramble there. (I DO have a point there somewhere. XDD)
            XDD It is like Peter Pan. 😀 Although I don’t think Peter Pan is ridiculous… since it actually does have a point with the “never growing up” (and actually mentions it). 😀

            • Oh, you were referring to size! Um, still, no, it’s not that big… Then again, it depends on what you’re comparing it to. =P Savers was probably an attempt to revive the Digimon series (especially with the attempt to recruit well-known seiyuu) but didn’t go as well as they hoped it would. Pokemon has become something like Japan’s symbol of creativity (oh wait, officially it’s Doraemon XD) so it has to keep going strong. XDDD Besides, one can’t deny that the Pokemon games are very enjoyable. =3
              A few years at a time, yes, but in our time it’s only been 5 years and they’ve gone from elementary school kids to (young) adults! It comes as a bit of a shock to experience such a quick growing since it doesn’t happen much in any other series. =P
              I always just thought that the characters in CT are growing up in real time (our time) beginning with the World Youth Cup series, but I guess the timing doesn’t really work out either. XDD
              Haha, don’t worry, I was the one who began rambling first. 😄 Which seems to always happen when I am talking to you. XDD
              Yes, it was actually addressed and there’s magic involved (which is always a convenient explanation for never-aging characters in a series… Too bad most anime series take place in a world bound by science to some degree XD).

              • XDDD Yeah I was. Well.. I’m guessing big enough to make a difference? 😀
                Exactly. And that’s kind of sad. 😦 Yeah, Pokémon is something Japan is even known for. So yay. :)I actually tried playing one of the Pokémon games maaany years ago, but got bored quickly. XDD
                Okay. 😀 But that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? BECAUSE it doesn’t happen much. 😀 (Oh, and now I remember a similar development in Dragon Ball. 🙂 The jumps varied from 3 to ten years. XDD)
                XDD I like to think of the CT series as different ones. The first two are about kids growing up in the 80s and the following ones about kids BORN in the 80s. 😀 (It gets tough when they throw in the World Cups and Olympics and other dates here and there, which pretty much give the reader the date of birth of the characters. XDD)
                Exactly. (XDD a world bound by science to some degree? I guess the key word… would be “some”. 😀 Mostly there’s no explanation for the never aging. 😀 )

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