動物ならば...狼ですwww [Mizuki Nana]

林原めぐみのTokyo Boogie Night #873 [Guest: 水樹奈々]
^Mizuki Nana as guest on the radio program that Hayashibara Megumi hosts.
My former favourite female seiyuu/singer on the same program as my current top favourite female seiyuu/singer. Does anybody realize how awesome this is???
And even until this day, I am still awed by Hayashibara Megumi-san’s ability speed talk. I talk pretty fast myself, but it will never compare to that. And she doesn’t trip over her words either. :O This reminds of Shaman King. In more ways that one. XD

Anyway, onto the actual program itself… They start off with a tongue twister. Fukai ai fukainai fukai kai? (Translation: Is a deep love that is not deep still deep?) It’s not all that difficult so, obviously, it wasn’t much of a challenge to the both of them. XD

Then they move on to talk about Nana-san’s new single – Shin Ai.
Megumi: When I heard the song, I was really surprised.
Nana: Eh?
Megumi: *starts briefly explaining how Shin Ai is the opening theme for an anime called WHITE ALBUM* I listened to Nana-chan’s song without looking into what WHITE ALBUM is about…
Nana: Hai, hai.
Megumi: And then I noticed your lyrics were along the lines of Yuki no chira chira na mau you na… It makes me think of being dressed up in a kimono… How should I put this… The melody is obviously pop but then I thought “What is this, Enka!?”
Nana: *breaks out laughing*

It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who thought of enka. XDD

Anyway, after that, they start talking about WHITE ALBUM. And of course, Nana-san starts ranting about how bad the main male character is. Not surprising, but she’s been doing that quite often lately. XD

After that, the conversation somehow led to Paku Romi. Which was absolutely hilarious because Nana-san says that Paku-san is the mood-maker of the group and then Megumi-san implies that she’s more of a trouble-maker. XDDDD They really do need to get all the SK seiyuu together and do a radio program or something. Insanity abound with Hayashibara Megumi and Paku Romi together. And then we have Takehito Koyasu and Ueda Yuji who can get pretty crazy too. Of course, there’s Nana-san, Yuuko Satou, and a bunch of other famous seiyuu as well. XD

So Nana-san mentions that, in the recording studio, herself, Paku Romi, and Hirano Aya talks about all sorts of things. Including “If you were an animal, what would you be?”
Nana: We even had a conversation about “If we were animals, what would we be?”
Megumi: *gasps* What kind of conversation is that?
Nana: *laughs* And somehow, it was decided that I was a wolf and that Aya-chan would be a pegasus.
(And this where this blog owner who goes by the name of icewolf_kasumi started laughing). XDDD
Megumi: Pegasus are lonely creatures, aren’t they? Or am I wrong?
Nana: They’re creatures that are hard to understand and are more or less carefree.
Megumi: And what about a wolf?
Nana: Ah, well, they represent… loneliness. *laughs*
(And so a certain icewolf went ‘D:’ at that. XD)
Megumi: Don’t lose your way! Don’t lose it. You’ll be okay if you go to some place that’s warm. You’re surrounded by staff.
Nana: *cannot stop laughing*

They go back to talking about WHITE ALBUM the anime and Shin Ai afterwards. Nothing of too much interest. =P They play Shin Ai and then… Well, that’s it for that segment with Nana-san. Too short in my opinion, but it provided a good laugh. =3

EDIT: Just a note, but I started writing this up a few days back when my randomness was on full power so if you’re wondering why I sound chripy despite my current, er, state… Well, that’s the reason. XP


34 comments on “動物ならば...狼ですwww [Mizuki Nana]

  1. If even Mizuki Nana rants about the crappiness of the main male character… I think it’s safe to say we’ll end up hating him. >.>
    Paku Romi’s character seems to be really minor, but Nana-san keeps talking about her… *sense yuri vibes* XDDDDDDDDDDDD
    So you should come here where it’s warm and you’ll be surrounded by MGLN fans. XDDDDDD

    • Which is the main reason why I don’t have high hopes for the series. -__-;;
      I haven’t really checked who Paku Romi plays. =P A lot of seiyuu talk about Paku Romi (I think it has much to do with her personality XD). If there’s any yuri vibes, it would be with Noto Mamiko. XDDD
      Surrounded by MGLN fans? There’s only you and En, as far as I know. XDD

      • Let’s just ignore it. XDDD
        It just seems that they’re spending a lot of time with her though. (Apparently she “ordered” Nana-san to help her with moving or something at her house. XDDD)Noto Mamiko gives off yuri vibes with everyone, and not just her roles in anime.(Moyashimon, Mnemosyne, etc.)
        Ah well, we can always find some other people who’d be willing to surround you. XDDDDDD

        • :O But Nana-san is in it! Apparently, her character is a singer, so she’ll sing in the series! XDD
          I’d imagine Paku Romi to spend a lot of time with many seiyuu. XDD (I didn’t know that. :O I just know that Romi-san wanted her dog to mate pair up with Kei-tan. XDDDD) True… But Mizuki Nana openly admitted that her closest seiyuu friend is Noto Mamiko. XDD
          And if I don’t like crowds. :O

          • Then I’ll just listen to the songs and not watch White Album because her character is not as awesome as Utau. XDDD
            Yeah, she’s in a lot of series. And hot too. XDDDDDD (Or something like that, I need to check through my sources again. XD But… O_O Kei-tan is too cute for his own good. XDDDD)
            :O Not Yukarin? XDDD There doesn’t seem to be a lot of about Nana and Mamiko though. >.<
            I don’t like them either, so you’re stuck with just me and En. XDD

            • Yes, we can always do that… And maybe watch certain clips on YouTube. =3
              Paku Romi is a famous seiyuu after all. =3 And apparently, she has a very likeable personality. XDDD If I recall correctly, the first time she met Morita Masakazu (Ichigo’s seiyuu), she asked him to buy her a widescreen TV or something (which intimidated Morita). XDDD Talk about a first impression. XDDDD (I like Kei-tan No.2 better now though. XDDD But yes, Kei-tan is too cute for his own good. XDDD)
              Apparently not. When Nana-san asked that question, I expected her to list a bunch of seiyuu, so I was surprised that she named Mamiko specifically. =P
              …I’m thinking if that’s really a good thing or not. XDDD

              • And maybe watch certain clips on YouTube. =3

                Only the awesome parts. XDDDD
                O_O That’s so… forward. XDDDD (Betrayer! D; I saw a chihuahua today, and was immediately reminded of Kei-tan and wanted to grab that Chihuahua. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
                She didn’t name anyone else?
                [ego]Of course it’s a good thing, with me around.[/ego] You can go off with your OLGF, and I can stalk the both of you! *shot* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

              • But we wouldn’t know which parts are awesome and which aren’t when we first go through it, right?
                I wouldn’t know how to react if someone who I just met said that to me. XDDD (Kei-tan No.2 is still a Kei-tan! XDDDD I’d be reminded of Kei-tan if I saw a Chihuahua too… But unlike you, I wouldn’t want to grab it. XDDD)
                No, she didn’t. Which was why it was surprising.
                I’d stay over here by myself then, thank you very much. XDDD

              • I’m keeping up with blogs that are covering White Album. XPP Btw, insert songs! XDD
                Good. “Buy me a Blu-ray player!” will be the first thing I say to you then, if we ever meet IRL. XDDDD (It has a No.2, so you’re still betraying Kei-tan. Dog-napping is an honourable occupation! XDDDD)
                :O Poor yukarin. Her hopes for a yuri-yuri session with Nana have been dashed to pieces.
                But then you’d be all lonely and sad! XDDD

              • I’m too lazy to do that. XDD I’m assuming those insert songs are the ones we hear Rina singing in ep. 1?
                :O But that’s different! I already sort of know you, we just haven’t met in Rl that’s all. XDD
                (A Kei-tan is a Kei-tan. XD) …Did you just say dog-napping is an honourable occupation?! XDD)
                Not necessarily. She’s still in the running, considering how high Nana-san becomes whenever Yukari is around. XDDD
                Compared to what awaits me at that “warm” place you speak of, I think I’m better off staying here. XDDDD

              • But considering that those blogs are already having fights over the show… ^_^;;;; I wouldn’t know, I skipped through most of Ep 1 other than for the OP and ED. XDDDDDD
                Darn. I should’ve asked you for Mizuki Nana CDs when I first added you. XDDDD (It’s not Kei-tan when there’s a No.2 behind it. >.<) …Perhaps. XDDDDD
                But it doesn’t have the same connotations as “best friends”. XDDDDDDDD
                Nothing too horrible awaits you there, you’re just being paranoid. XDDDD

              • Fights over the show? About what? :O
                Heh, too late now. XDDD
                (It’s a Kei-tan either way.
                …There’s no perhaps. It’s not. XDD
                HAHAHA. No, I suppose it doesn’t. We’re too influenced by NanoFate. XDDD
                My first instinct told me not to go. And I trust my first instincts. XDDD

              • Like the crappiness of the main character(some people are even saying there’s nothing wrong him and all the blame should be placed on the girls. D:)
                Does that mean you would’ve bought them for me? XDDDD
                (It’s not the real Kei-tan! D:)
                …It is. XP
                If you’re laughing, why are you using Luke? D: And btw, how old are they when Nanoha is seriously injured by the droids?
                I’d say trust your instincts, but since you’re an icewolf and humans > animals, it’s better to believe me. XDDD

    • The people who says there’s nothing wrong with the main character must all be guys. XDDD
      No. >_> It’s not like Morita bought the TV for Paku Romi in the end. XDDD (How is it not the real Kei-tan?? Nana-san named it! XDDD)
      …If it’s honourable, why are people thrown in jail for dog-napping? XDDD
      Because I was facepalming about the fighting over WHITE ALBUM. XD
      They were 11. =3 Actually, let me pull up the timeline to confirm since my memory is not the most reliable thing around. XP (Why are you suddenly asking? Are you ficcing? =D)
      Vs are humans? I thought you were in a category of your own. XDDDD And icewolf instincts are always correct. XDDD

      • I think the same too, but you never know. Some might just be jealous of Rina’s awesomness. XDDDDDD
        Why not? 😛 But I’m sure you’re nicer than Morita, and so would buy the CDs for me. XDDDD (Because it’s not the original Kei-tan. It’s copy! A fake copy! XDDDDDD)
        …Because they don’t have my SKILLZ. XDDD
        D: That’s… too young. D: (Yea, sort of. XPP)
        …That’s mean, even for you. D: D: D: D: Icewolf instincts are wrong, since they’re always thrown off b the scent of stringpuppets. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *mauled*

        • That’s unlikely. XDDDDD
          Because I’m poor. =P And either way, it’s too late now. XDDD (It’s not a fake copy! It’s a genuine Kei-tan! It answers to the name of Kei-tan! XDDD)
          …SKILLZ for dog-napping??? XDDDD
          :O What age did you think they were? Anyway, I have the timeline in front of me. The incident took place 2 years after A’s, during winter. =3
          …”Even for me”? You mean I’m usually not mean? XDDD …They’re always right. And no, they’re not thrown off by the scent of stringpuppets. Why should they? :O …And see? I did not maul you. I did not even give any indication of mauling you. XP XDDDDDDDDDDD

          • It’s very likely, since everyone’s raving about Rina’s awesomeness. XDDD
            You can just give me Live Fighter. XDDDDDD No, it’s not too late. XP (It answers to the name of Kei-tan No.2, not Kei-tan! D:)
            …Probably. XDDDDD
            D: I was thinking 15 or 16… Bah. Fate snapping and killing countless enemies over it would be much feasible if she was older. XDDDDD
            …You’re usually mean. This is meaner than usual. XDDD They are not. And they are thrown off by that scent because you are mates. *is mauled* Yes, you did. You’re just acting innocent. XDDD

            • They are? :O
              …Still no. XDDDD Yes it is. We’re talking about setting up a first impression here! XDDD (Why would anyone go so far to say Kei-tan No.2 when there’s only one Kei-tan in that house? XDDD It’s too long. XDDDD)
              …They’re not good skills to have. XDD
              Nope… And killing? They’re just mindless droids that causes explosions when destroyed. >_>;;
              That is not true. XDD And they are correct. We’re of two different species! XP And no I did not. I told you, I’m not that violent. XP XDDDD

              • Yep.
                D: Give me Live Fighter! XDDDD You can still give it to me regardless of time. XDDDDD
                (:O Wait. Where is Kei-tan No. 2 living? And I would just call Kei-tan No. 2 as No. 2. XDD)
                At least they are skills. XDDD
                I dunno, I could just ignore canon. XDDD Or I could have Fate go after Jail, and killing numerous goons of his in the process… >_<
                That is utterly and absolutely true. XDD Cross-species breeding can still occur. XDDDDDDDDDDD Yes, you did. You are violent. *is mauled* XDDD

              • You made me read through the entire review by providing me that link. Now I want to watch ep.3 if just to listen to angry!Nana. XDDD
                (Kei-tan No.2 is living with Nana-san’s mother. =3 I would call Kei-tan No.2 as Kei-tan. XDDD)
                Fate is too kind to go on a killing rampage and stain her hands with blood. D:
                It is not. Stop deluding yourself. XDDD *sighs* You need to learn that some things just aren’t possible. XDDDD
                Oh-kay… Are you sure you’re not mauling yourself? Remember… This icewolf is currently sick and injured, never mind having the energy to come after you. D:
                Anyway, I need to go for lunch downstairs. I don’t know if you’ll still be awake when I come back. D: You should go to sleep soon anyway. =3

              • XDDD I think, I’ll just stop following those blogs too. They’re either fans of Yuki and thinking of Rina as a scheming bitch, or spewing lots of vitriol over Toya’s crappiness. >.>
                You can always listen to angry!Nana in RosaVam… XDDD
                (:O Why’s she buying them when they can’t live in her house? You’re biased. >.>)
                ColdKiller!Fate would be extremely cool, and sort of fit with canon if you ignore StrikerS and amplify what Precia did with her. XDDD
                It is, and I’m not deluding myself. XDD *pets* XDDDD But this is possible! XDD D: You’re the one that’s mauling me regardless of your sickness and injury. LIVE Fever negates all status ailments. XPPP
                D: I dunno, I might go to sleep. I’m not sure. >_< *is rereading StrikerS manga* Write Fatenum please? XDDD

              • Heh, crappy fandom to go with a crappy series? =3 Seriously, if not for Nana-san and Aya in the lead roles, I wouldn’t be anywhere near that series. -__-;;
                But it’s a different type of anger in RosaVam…D:
                (So that she can visit them when she visit her mom? =3 Ok, I think it more has to do with having a dog to keep her mother company when she’s not there. =P)
                D: No it would not. You’ve been reading too many fanfics. D: Fate has always been and will always be too kind for her own good (but that’s what everyone in the MSLN loves about Fate). =3 And if we have ignore StrikerS and amplify what Precia did to her, it would not fit with canon anymore. XDDD
                Yes, you are deluding yourself. Just admit it. XDDD LIVE Fever negates status ailments, but I don’t think it can do anything about injuries. Stop framing me for you weird injuries! >_< XDDD
                And why would I want to write Fatenum??? D:

              • Yeah. I wouldn’t touch it either… but they just had to rope in Nana, Aya and Suara. >.>
                There are different types? XDD
                (She should probably ask her mom to move in with her… >_<)
                Yes, it would. XD There are no good fics to read, remember? XDDDDD And it’s sort of annoying when you really want her to snap because of all the crap given to her by people like Precia and Jail. >_>
                Canon isn’t important. XDDDD
                I am not deluding myself. D: You’d be in too much of a rage to bother about your own injuries anyway. XDDDD I don’t have weird injuries, and you’re the one attacking me. XDDD
                Because I asked nicely and you’re a nice person who’d write it for me? XDDDDD

              • It’s all a ploy. They know WHITE ALBUM wouldn’t receive good ratings otherwise, so they got Nana-san, Aya, and Suara just so people would watch it. >_>;;
                Yes. In RosaVam, the anger always seems a bit restrained. Inner!Moka always has a sense of calm regardless of the situation. =3
                (I think she should but… Well, Ehime-ken is her home after all…)
                Then you’ve read too many in the past. XDDDD Actually, I wouldn’t want her to snap. Fate just wouldn’t be Fate if that happened.
                Canon is important to a certain degree. XDDD
                I do not rage easily. And I try to take care of myself and not worsen my own condition if I can help it. XDDD I’m not the one attacking you. I think I’d know if I’m attacking you. XDD
                …Hah. Says the person who said I was mean not too long ago. XDDD

              • It’s annoying. I won’t watch WHITE ALBUM now. XDDD
                Inner!Moka is a sophisticated vampire, afterall. XDDD
                (Or Nana could move back to Ehime and provide a huge boost for the tourism sector there. XDDDDDDDD)
                D: Yours included. XDDD Devil!Fate would be awesome though, and she’d still be caring towards Nanoha anyway. XDDDD
                A certain degree, meaning not a lot. XDDDD
                It must be the medicine that’s making you do this sort of thing without you recalling then. XDDDD
                …Mean. You used to be nice, and now you’re mean. D:

    • I still think I’ll skip through the series once it’s finished its run. =3
      Sophisticated vampire? XDDD
      (That could work, but she still needs to get to work everyday. Ehime-ken and Tokyo isn’t all that close in terms of distance. XDDD;; )
      Yeah, which is why I don’t think I should be producing anymore. XDDD
      My mind does not revolve only around NanoFate. XDDD She needs to remain kind and caring at all times to save kids like Erio and Caro. XDDDD
      Doesn’t mean you should ignore it. =3
      No, medicine or no, I would be aware if I attacked. And I know I did not. XDDD
      When was I nice? XDDD

      • I’ll continue to ignore it. XDD
        Why not? That’s what all modern vampires are, anyway. XDDDD
        (They can just move work to Ehime. Anything’s workable if it’s Mizuki Nana. XDDDDDD)
        … Fine, if that’s the way you want it.
        Your mind revolving around NanoFate is so much better than revolving around Lightning Family. XDDD Killing people does not equal to Fate being unkind and not saving kids like Caro and Erio. >_<
        I don’t care much for canon. >.> It usually screws up my OTPs anyway. XDDDDD
        The medicine makes you all were-wolf-ish-y and you forget what you do(like mauling) when you’re under the influence of the medicine. XDDD So yes, you did attack me. XDDDDDD

        • I actually had to pause when I read the words ‘modern’ vampire. XDDD
          (That’d mean a lot of seiyuu would have to move to Ehime too. XDDDD)
          What’s wrong with my mind revolving around Lightning Family? At least it’s healthier than thinking about NanoFate only 24/7. XDDD
          No matter what you say, Fate killing = no. D:
          While I can’t argue with you there (the scar from Digimon Adventure 02 is still here), you can’t completely ignore canon either. =3
          You are delusional. D: Are you sure you’re not under the influence of medicine? D:
          … =D

          • I’m assuming you’re not into mainstream fiction novels? XDDD
            (All the better for Ehime. XDDDD No more fishing for fish, more fishing for scandals. XDD)
            I think with a healthy combination of Mizuki Nana, NanoFate, Fate and Fatenum. XDDDDDD
            Fate killing = awesome if done right and for avenging Nanoha’s almost death. XDDDD
            :O You didn’t ship Yamato/Sora? XDDDDD
            You’re the one who’s denying everything thanks to the medicine. Take responsibility! XDDDD
            … D:

            • No, I’m not. But I’m guessing you’re referring to Twilight? =3
              (Ehime is supposed to be peaceful. XDDD)
              NanoFate clashes with Fatenum. That can’t be healthy. XDDD
              Fate killing = too much angst and unhappy endings. D:
              …Please tell me you’re being sarcastic. D: Or else I’d be sorely disappointed. D:
              I didn’t do anything! XDDD I’m just sitting here and typing away! XDDD
              … =3

              • And numerous other chick-lit novels that feature hot vampires who are sexy beyond comprehension falling in love with normal women. >.>
                (With Mizuki Nana’s awesomeness, it can never be peaceful. XDDD)
                It does not clash. In my timeline everything works out fine. XDD
                You’re the angst writer here. >.<
                …Why would you be disappointed? XD
                That’s your denial. The truth is that you did maul me. XDD

              • Nope. I’m very detached from the world outside. XDDDD
                (Maybe that’s why she lives in Tokyo now? XDDD)
                What timeline? XDDD
                I try to give my angst a somewhat happy ending. D:
                …That you’d even suggest that I’d support that pairing. >_<
                I’m not in denial. Something must be wrong with your vision. D:

              • Icewolves live in their own icy caves. *shot multiple times* XDDDDD
                (Tokyo would be full of even more awesomeness. XDDD)
                The one I posted about, with the Fatenum relationship occuring when Fate’s around… 14 to 18? XDD
                It’s still angst. XDD
                *innocent grin*
                You’re always in denial. >.>

              • Considering how cold it is in my room right now, you might as well call it an icy cave. D:
                (Exactly. XDDD)
                Oh that one. XDDDD You even tried to put Distance into your timeline. XDD
                Angst with happy endings =/= angst with unhappy endings D:
                Am not! >_>

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