オリコンDAILYランキングNo.1 - 水樹奈々 - 「深愛」



Ganbare yo, Nana-san~!

I can’t get my thoughts straight at the moment because I think I am coming down with a fever and no, it’s not the Live Fever type of fever but the type that makes you feel horrible, but I really am happy for Nana-san even if I’m not ranting about the rankings at the moment. Need sleep now. Will rant and clear comment backlog tomorrow or the weekend. >_<


46 comments on “オリコンDAILYランキングNo.1 - 水樹奈々 - 「深愛」

      • RL, the Mizuki Nana comm, your journal, my journal and all the blogs that have reported it. XDDD
        I even scared a friend when I suddenly went on a rant about it. XDDDDDDDD

            • So with all that fangirling, did it suddenly make you want to watch WHITE ALBUM just because its opening is Shin Ai? XD
              Work hard then. Mizuki Nana’s greatness deserves to be spread around. XD

              • …You. Stop making me watch more and more anime. My harddrive can’t take it. XDDDD I don’t think so though, I dislike harem anime… >.<
                Am trying, and yes, NANA!AWESOMENESS should be spread. XDD

              • …Me. =3 Just watch it online? It’ll be slightly better for your harddrive. I just can’t stand the main male character. XD But did you at least watch the opening? It deserves better opening animation D:
                *nods nods* Always. =3

              • …Yes, you. But watching it online means I have to go look for it. I’m lazy to, and all those files keep getting taken down… >.> Nope. And yeah, I heard about the non-animation of the opening animation. XDD

              • Mean. You know, the second thing that popped into my mind was, “You’re cute.” XDD
                Thanks, I’ll watch it now. XD
                Yes, exactly. They’re ruining the epicness of Shin Ai! D:

              • You’re making me watch Tales and White Album, how is that not doing anything? XDD
                You’re welcome. XDD Yes, the overwhelming cute-ness and all. XDDDD
                Maybe. 😛 I’ll commentsate first. XDDD
                [ego]Of course, it’s me who said that.[/ego] XDDDD
                YAY! You’re finally using a icon that’s not Utau or Luke! XDDDDDDDD

      • It should be THE STALKER instead of just the stalker. XDDDDDDDDDDD
        You were mauling me for stalking/meeting/talking to your OLGF! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
        … D: I’m not that bad at all.
        Can! Great minds think alike. XDDDDD
        PS: *breaks out laughing* [perv-mode]The first thing I thought of was ‘lai sa’ in Hokkien, which stands for underwear.[/perv-mode] XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
        You should be used to that by now. XDDD
        I can’t find it through DDL sources. D:
        EDIT: coding fail. D:

    • I didn’t make you. For WHITE ALBUM, all I did was give you the link.
      I’m assuming the overwhelming cuteness is a good thing? XDD
      Haha, yes, commentsations take priority. XD
      *ignores in fear of further inflating the ego*
      :O But I’ve been using Mizuki Nana icon too!
      I need more Tales icon though. XD

      • You giving me link = Me watching it = You making me watch it. XDDDD
        Yep, definitely a very good thing. XDDD “Kasumi-chan, attack using Cuteness Overload!” *runs*
        Commentsations over sleep. 😛
        *ego still inflates regardless of ignoring* XDDD
        Not as much as you’ve been using Utau/Luke in the past few comments. >.<
        Haha, yes. Make one of Tear and Legretta! XD

        • Something is wrong with that equation.
          …I’ve suddenly been turned into a Pokemon? :O
          Indeed. But shouldn’t you be going to sleep soon? It’s past 1. XP
          Because they were fitting to the topic of the comments. XD Now you’re making me want to create more icons right away. =P
          Tear was actually next on my list. XD But I want more of Guy first since he’s my favourite Tales character and all.

          • Nope, it’s perfectly logical. XDD
            Yeah, the Icewolf type. XDDD
            Not really. 😛 I’ve been sleeping around 3AM the past week or so. Slept at 5 yesterday because I was watching Tales. XDDDD
            Right, so I should change the topics around. XD That’s a good thing! XP
            Yay, Tear! She’s awesome. XDD :O Guy’s your favourite character? Mine’s… I dunno yet. XDDD

            • It’s not logical. :O
              …So there’s a Pokemon known as icewolf and I’ve been nicknamed Kasumi? :O
              Hm… Tales > sleep so I can understand that.
              Changing topics around wouldn’t work. It’ll eventually lead back to me using those icons because it’ll somehow lead back to those topics.
              Of course! She’s Tear! XD *nods* I’ve been voting for Guy in the annual Tales Character Rankings. =3 But despite that, in TotA, I find all the characters to be lovable. =3

              • It is logical. There’s even an equation proving it! XPPPPP
                Yep. It’s only available in the LJ version of Pokemon though. XDDDDDDDDDD
                XDD You would. 😛
                I’m around the end of White Album now… I dislike the main guy, dislike Yuki’s voice, dislike the entire pace of the show, and hate the OP animation. ^_^;;;
                What topics? 😛
                XDD He came in at No.6, didn’t he? 😛 Except for Anise. :/

              • That’s the thing. The equation itself is illogical. XP
                There’s a LJ version of Pokemon now? :O When did that happen?
                Yeah, I dislike the main male character too. Which is why I doubt I’ll follow it. At most, I’ll wait until all the episodes are released and do the good old fast-forward/skip to go through the series. XD Yuki is okay. Or are you not a Aya fan? :O
                All sorts of topics. =P
                I think so. Well, at least he was in the top 10. =3 Anise is lovable too though!

              • No, it’s very logical. Logical to the point that you can’t understand it. XDDDD
                I just created it. 😛
                I might do the same, or just read the blogs which are covering it to see what kind of ending it has. *shrug* I just dislike Yuki’s voice. I’m fine with Aya, loved her as Konata, but just not liking Yuki.
                Everything makes you emo/facepalm/uninterested? XPP
                Anise… meh. I dislike those clingy little girls who act all cute. >.>

              • If you can’t understand it, then it’s not logical. XD
                So… The only species in this LJ version of Pokemon is icewolf? :O
                I’m not optimistic about the ending at all. Especially after reading that interview with Nana-san and Aya. -.- Haha. Aya was awesome as Konata I wonder how it feels to fangirl over herself when Konata was fangirling over Hirano Aya? XD And Hirano Aya was great as Suzumiya Haruhi as well. =3
                Not everything. But come to think of it… Most do. XP
                There’s a reason she’s like that. Everything the characters do… Right down to the way they behave all have a reason in TotA. Which is why I love Tales of the Abyss so much. =3

              • But it’s understandable. (To me, at least. XDD)
                Yep. And there’s only one of that species. XP
                I highly doubt that the guy will get together with Nana’s character. Good thing is, all the character designs suck in terms of art, so I won’t get sucked in as easily. XPP Yep, I love the way she talked so fast. XDD Ego. Lots of it. XDDD I haven’t watched Haruhi. :O
                It’s not supposed to be that way. >.<
                But that doesn’t mean I have to like her. XDDD I’m only up till episode 6 and I think the earliest I’ll finish it is in a week or so. >.>

              • But if it isn’t understandable to me, then it’s not understandable. XP
                So I’m some sort of legendary and super rare Pokemon? XDDD
                I doubt that too. Though considering WHITE ALBUM was originally a game, I think Nana’s character is a possible ending. =P But anime-wise… I don’t think he’ll end up with anyone. =P
                Have you heard the Lucky Star ED album (Karaoke Box) where she sings Sore ga Ai deshou? She must be high when she sung that. XDDD And you should watch Haruhi. :O It’s a very unique series. =3
                But it happened to be that way. XD
                Finish it? You mean catch up right? Because the series is still on-going. I believe it’s to be a 26 episode series. =3
                EDIT: Edited comment… XD

              • Only to you. The rest of us can understand it, so it’s understandable. XPP
                Yep. With unique attacks too. XDD
                I have this sudden urge to just give him a NICE BOAT ending. XDDD
                Nope. All I have is the OP and B-side to the OP.
                It should not be. XDD
                I’m not sure. Maybe I can drag out watching it long enough that it ends before I finish watching. XDDDDD

    • Rest of us? There’s only you! XDDD
      So… What attacks does the Icewolf possess? Apart from that…Cuteness Overload attack. XDD
      Err… This may sound like a stupid question but what’s a nice boat ending? I believe it has something to do with School Days… but I’m not too clear on the meaning. (And I’m too lazy to check. =P).
      You should listen to it. You’ll either laugh or be all O.o XDDD
      But it is, so I can’t help it. XDDD
      You can… I think the only reason I don’t mind following this series weekly despite cliffhangers is because I know what’s going to happen already. =P

      • There are always lurkers and stalkers abound. XDDDDDD
        Ummm… “LIVE Fever”, “Loneliness”, and “Optimism”. XDDDD Although, Cuteness Overload is the main attack and the most frequently used. XDDD
        Yeah, it originated due to School Days. Since the male character got killed for being a playboy, while the episode’s original broadcast date got postponed due to some murders and a picture of a nice boat was broadcasted instead. XDDDD Basically, main character in White Album should die. XP
        I probably will, when I find time. XDD
        Then you should change it. XDDDD
        Exactly. And you refuse to spoil me. D: XDD
        PS: I’m going to sleep now, I have a full day of visiting relatives tomorrow. D: *shudders* Have a nice day! XDDDD

        • And how do you know those lurkers and stalkers understand it? XDDD
          …What kind of attack is LIVE fever??? XDDDD And Loneliness and Optimism? None of these are physical attacks!! XDD
          Ohh… Thanks, now I get it. I never watched School Days so… ^^;;
          I can always upload it if you want. =3
          I can’t?
          It’s better if you’re not spoiled. XDD
          PS: Oh yes, it’s CNY. So Happy Chinese New Year! =3 Hope your day won’t be that tiring tomorrow and…well, hope you get lots of red pockets. XDDDD

          • Because I am a lurker and a stalker. XDDDDDDDDD
            LIVE fever is a physical attack where the Icewolf gets frenzied and mauls everything in sight! Loneliness and Optimism are status attacks, where Loneliness will increase the vulnerability of the opponent, while Optimism will increase the HP/Attack/Defense of Icewolf. XDDDDDDDD
            Didn’t watch School Days either, but the meme was widespread. XP
            Nah, I can get it easily enough. It’s just the whole laziness thing. XDDDD
            Yes, you can.
            Right, so I’ll just sit here and lament the lack of being spoiled. XD
            PS: Thanks, it’ll probably be more boring than tiring though. XDDDD And red pockets? *bursts out laughing* XPP
            And if you’re wondering why I’m still online, I’m waiting for my dl of FF7:AC to finish and also finishing up my random post about Mizuki Nana. XDDD

            • :O I’m a lurker and stalker too, and I don’t understand that. XDDD
              So… Doesn’t that mean LIVE Fever would result in negative status effects for the Icewolf? XDDD
              Sometimes, I think I’m too out of touch with the anime fandom. XDDD
              …Well, stop being lazy. XDD
              Can’t. D:
              Just catch up to the most recent episode! XD
              PS: …Isn’t that what they’re called in english. *checks* Yup, that’s what they’re called. Or maybe it’s a North America thing…?
              Yeah, I was wondering why you keep replying despite you saying that you were going to sleep. XDD FF7:AC is very much worth watching. =3

              • You do not count. And my stalker skills are better than yours anyway. XDDDDD
                Nope. No negative effects at all. Feel free to maul at will. XDDDDD
                Nah. I was too in touch with it at that time. XP
                …But I feel lazy. XDDD
                That’ll be a long time coming. XDDDDD
                PS: No, they’re called red packets. Here, at least. XPP
                :O I can read minds. XDDD Finished dling, but I’m going to leave watching it for when I’m really bored at someone else’s house. XDDDDDD

              • Why don’t I count? And I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. XDDD
                …I’m not that violent of an icewolf. D:
                How can a person be “too in touch with the anime fandom?” XDDD
                Can’t! Actually…What have we been “Can” and “Cannot”-ing about? xDD
                PS: Interesting… We definitely call them pockets over here. Or ‘red envelopes’ but we’re careful when using that as red envelopes can also mean wedding invitation. =3
                You should watch it and re-watch it when you’re bored at someone else’s house. XDD It has some of those awesome battle scenes you love so much. XDDDD

              • Because I say you don’t. XDD Who have you been stalking? :O XDDD
                My injuries say otherwise.
                Otaku-ism, hikkikomori, animeblogging, etc. XD
                Can!Can’t remember. XDDDD
                PS: O_O What about in HK? Red envelopes… yep. Definitely blood-soaked wedding invitations. XDDDD
                I watched it once and then deleted it. XDD Low-res vids ftl. The battle scenes were awesome, especially Cloud’s multiple buster swords! XDDDDD

              • You are, apparently, the stalker so you should know who I have been stalking. XDDD
                Since when did I injure you? XDDD We seem to be on the run together more often than me turning against you XDDD
                O_O Okay… But you’re still like that so does that mean you’re still “too in touch”? XDD
                Can’t! Yeah, i thought so. XDD
                PS: We call them ‘lai see’ in HK because we speak cantonese over there. =3
                …Blood-soaked? O_O Should I be worried at how your thought processes work? XDDDD
                *nods nods* The battle scenes were great! You should download and watch the higher-res version. :O

    • :O But that’s not a legitimate award! >_> *runs*
      How do you know? It may have been a cloned icewolf! :O XDDD
      Yes, it does. You’re just in denial. =P XD
      Can’t! You’re right. XD
      PS: …More like you stop making have to use the Luke icon. XDDD
      I have one of those said cheap copies. XDDD Not that I remember where I stashed it. >_>;;

      • *shrug* It’s an award anyway. And are you sure you should be running with that injury of yours? XDDD
        There are no such things. And if there was the cloned icewolf would most definitely go on a rampage so that we would know.
        No, it does not. I’m not exhibiting any such behaviours! XDDD
        Can. [ego]Always right. XDD[/ego]
        PS: I didn’t make you do anything. XP
        You should give it to me. And I saw a copy for 13bucks today at a store. Didn’t buy it cause I thought it was too expensive. XDDD You should find it and send it to me. 😀

        • You’re right. I shouldn’t. *gets on one of those electric wheelchair-type vehicles* XDDD
          Why would a cloned icewolf go on a rampage? :O
          Yes, it does. And you did! XDDDD
          Can’t. *eyerolls*
          PS: I don’t facepalm for no reason. XP XDDD
          If I could, I would. =P …I have no clue how much your 13bucks would convert to in Canadian dollars. D: Sending it is expensive. XDDDD Besides, we could get caught for piracy since it’s a bootlegged copy. XDDD Oh wait, being in possession of such a copy is already a crime, right? D:

          • D: Professor X. D: >.>
            Because it’d be all confused and sad. XDDD
            No, it does not. And I did nothing. XDDD
            Can. *smirks* The idea of you eyerolling is rather… un-Kasumi-ish. XDDD [egp]Must be a sign of my winning personality then. XD[/ego]
            PS: I highly doubt that. XDDD
            Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. XPPPPP Around 11 dollars? Which is crappy, actually. D: Or you could rip it. XDDD You’re going to get caught no matter what. XDDDD

            • XDDDDD Does that mean I’m knowledgeable? XDDDDD
              :O Maybe it doesn’t know it’s a clone and therefore is not confused or sad.
              Yes, it does. And you did. >=3 XDDD
              Can’t. Yes, facepalming is more me, right? XDDDD Winning personality? Where? XDDD
              PS: :O Why? XDDD
              Ok, that is expensive for a supposed “cheap” copy then. XDDDD Actually, I do think I have an avi file of it somewhere… Which is possibly more difficult to find than that cheap copy. XDDDD
              D: You sure sound happy that I’m going to be caugh. D: D: D:

              • D: D: D: NO. D: D: D:
                Clones are always confused and sad. No exceptions. XDDDD
                No it doesn’t, and no I didn’t. 3: XDDDDDDD
                Can. Yeah, it fits much better than eyerolling, somehow. XDDDD Right here, you mean person. >.>
                PS: I dunno, I’m feeling sort of… neutral. And happy. XDDDDDD
                Yeah, and it had a “On Sale” sticker. >.> :O I never thought your room was that messy. XDDD Nevermind, uploading will take ages anyway, I’ll just torrent it or find a DDL. XDDDDD
                *innocent grin*

              • XDDDDDDD But Professor X was knowledgeable! XDDDDD
                Maybe it has gone past sad and confused stage and is trying to live a normal life. =3 XDDD
                It does. You did. XDDD
                Can’t. Probably because I facepalm a lot and hardly ever do the eyerolling in RL. XDDD
                PS: …I don’t see how what you just said connects with everything else. XDDDD
                On sale? At that price? :O
                It’s not. But I burn a lot of stuff onto DVDs and going through those 30 something DVDs to find where that avi version of FF7:AC would be a huge hassle. XDDD DDL would be difficult with that file size. Torrenting is your best bet. =3
                D: D: D:

              • D: I dislike him. D:
                It can’t have, because it would definitely go bonkers in the sad and confused stage, and we would notice. XDDD
                It doesn’t. I did not. XDDDDD
                Can. But facepalming is hard to do IRL. XDD
                PS: …I’m awesome that way. XDDDDDDDDDD
                I think the original price was around $24?
                XDDD Yeah, I guess I’ll just look for it sometime… in the future… *yawns* I’ll go to sleep now. XDD

              • XDDD I don’t like him much either. =P
                So maybe it’s going bonkers now and is attacking you? XDDD
                It does. You did. XDDDD
                (You notice we seem to do this a lot? XDD)
                Can’t. Not really. XD
                PS: …I don’t see what’s so awesome about being that way. XDDDDD
                For a cheap copy? :O My copy was like $5 back then!
                *nods* Hope you had a good night’s sleep without interruptions! =3
                EDIT: Grammar… D:

  1. :O You do not deserve the title of THE STALKER yet. XDDD
    That must be some other icewolf then. XDDD
    …Your behaviour says otherwise. :O
    Can’t! More like great minds forget alike XDDD
    PS: ….. *see icon*
    I’m not sure I should be used to it. D: XDDD
    Oh right. The file is huge. -__-;;

    • But I already got an award! *brandishes Ultimate Stalker of The Year trophy* XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
      There’s only one icewolf here with the attack LIVE Fever. XDDDD
      … It does not. >_<
      Can! Still great minds anyway. XDDD
      PS: ……You’re overusing it. LukeIcon!Abuse shoud be outlawed. D:
      I’m not sure either, but it’s more fun if you can understand it. XDDDD
      Yeah, so the best bet is to find a cheap copy, which would be fairly easy, considering the overflowing stock… XDD

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