けぇたん先生は幸せだな XD

Latest picture of Keitan-sensei posted by Mizuki Nana
:O Kei-tan, why are you so cute? Then again, maybe that’s the reason Nana-san loves you so much. XDD

But yeah, I’m a bit shocked by today’s blog post. I knew Nana-san was a complete oya-baka when it comes to Keitan, but… dude, I consider that going to the extreme. XDD Nana-san once said in a magazine interview that she seldom turns on the air conditioning during the summer because it was bad for her voice/throat. However, she does turn it on whenever she leaves the house for Keitan’s sake. I can understand that, since dogs don’t take well to high temperatures.

In today’s post, she wrote this:
^Translation: In the Mizuki home, the floor heating system is being activated for Keitan-sensei’s sake.
Which means she installed a floor heating system in her home because of Keitan, not herself. O_O I wonder if Keitan knows how lucky he is. XDD Oh, but the main point of today’s blog post was more about Keitan not taking well to the heat and has been wandering around the house, looking for cooler areas. XDD

GOLD RUSH – Mizuki Nana’s World of M – 2008.11.19
^AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HEAR FOR MAHOU SHOUJO LYRICAL NANOHA FANS!!! XDDD (I’ve been waiting for people to send in something Fate-related!!!) The “I Want You To Bring Out that Voice and Read The Following Japanese” corner (aka the “Voice Acting Corner where Mizuki Nana’s Seiyuu Pride is On the Line”) is my absolute favourite part in Gold Rush. =D
When you are watching TV, please make sure there is adamant lighting in your room and that you are not sitting too close. You mustn’t watch too much TV though. This is what I, Fate Testarossa, humbly ask of you.
^Kasumi’s craptastic translation (don’t expect too much from me when I’m high over Nana-san XDDD) of what Nana-san was asked to read while putting herself in Fate’s role. She was asked to play the role of Fate in A’s (9 years old), but she sounds more like the Fate in StrikerS (19 years old). XDDDD

And then, I must mention the Mpod Shuffle! corner. Today’s song? Unbalance na Kiss shite by Takahashi Hiro. Apparently, it’s Nana-san’s second most favourite anime song. When Nana-san first said the song name, I thought it sounded familiar, but couldn’t place where I’ve heard it before. Then the song started playing and I knew I definitely heard it before, but still don’t know where. Then the chorus of “Anbaransu na kissu wo…” and my reaction was “!!!” YU YU HAKUSHO!!! Nana-san is a YYH fan!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
After the song was over, Nana-san revealed that she was obsessed, seriously obsessed, with this series. When she was in high school, YYH was a daily topic, she read the manga, watched the anime, bought the character CDs, played the games…etc.
Knowing Nana-san is/was such a big YYH fan makes me feel…dorky. XDDDD Maybe because I loved YYH too. XD
^Because of this, I went on YouTube and re-watched all the openings and endings to Yu Yu Hakusho. XDDDD

PS: I feel like I’ve been posting a lot lately… :O


13 comments on “けぇたん先生は幸せだな XD

  1. *brain melts*
    Mizuki Nana guhhh. XDD
    I saw the blog post, but all I could understand was 水樹家 and 使用 and that picture of Kei-tan. XDDD
    Your translation is up-to-scratch though, I’ve read a Chinese translation(only Mizuki Nana can make me read Chinese. XDD) and it’s pretty much the same thing. XDD But… when is it? I’ve gone to the part with Eternal Blaze, but I still haven’t heard it. :O
    And there was this seven question thingy, right?
    And she thinks the most sexy part is the back! XDDD
    As for YYH, I’ve watched a few episodes. Not as obsessively as her though, because the only character I liked when I watched it was Hiei. XDD
    PS: I don’t mind. XDDD

    • Haha, we no longer have words to describe Nana-san. XDD
      But isn’t that picture of Kei-tan so cute? =3
      Thanks. I’m not so confident in my translating skills since I haven’t been actively translating for a while now. =3 And were you referring to the Fate part or the blog? =D (Nana-san makes us do all sort of things we don’t normally do. XDD)
      It’s at 17:26. =3
      Ohh yes… But I found the questions to be pretty… pointless. THough yes, she thinks the most sexy part of a guy to be the back. And that if there was a reason she wants to be a guy in the next life, it’s because then, she can “date cute girls.” XDDD
      The storyline was very cool though. :O Better than Dragonball Z for the majority of the time. =P And yes, Hiei was awesome. But I liked a lot of the other characters too so… =P XDD

      • Yes, exactly. She’s too awesome for words. XDD
        Yep, though his breed isn’t really my type of dog. XP
        Go back to AS Image Thread. XD The Fate-part. (Yeah, she made me read Chinese!! T_T)
        I GOT TO IT AND 😀 😀 FEITO-VOICE!! (Though yes, it’s more Adult!Fate than Loli!Fate)
        It wasn’t that bad. I’d be pretty confident that from now she’ll encounter flashers who flash their backs LOL. XDDD
        And her yuri-ness… Too much Nanoha for her. XDDDD
        I just have a cursory knowledge though. They were participating in some tournament thingy. And the other characters just faded away when I saw this spiky hair guy with dragon powers. XDD

        • True. A chihuahua wouldn’t be my first pick either. =P Still, a cute dog is a cute dog. XDD
          :O You were around when I was translating there? But anyway, I refuse to go back. XDDD (That’s a good thing! That means your chinese will improve and it’ll be all thanks to Mizuki Nana. XDDD)
          It’s because her voice was too deep for the Fate in A’s. XDDD Then again, it might be just that Nanoha isn’t around, because Fate’s voice naturally goes up when she’s talking to Nanoha in A’s. XDDDD
          HAHAHAH. Random flashers who flash their back… XDDDD HAHAHAHA. That is hilarious. XDDD
          Or she might have been hanging around Yukarin too much XDDD
          You’ve gotten quite far (well, not far-far, but still, far?) if you’ve gotten to the tournament part. I guess I can understand how other characters can fade away once Hiei shows off his awesomeness… But Kurama was cool too (even if he’s mistaken as female half the time. XDDD).

          • IIRC, she can’t get dogs like huskies right? Apartment regulations and all that stuff?
            Towards the end, I think. The last I can remember was of the sleeping on a mission picture. XD You know, I feel like swearing it off too. XDD FFT is a little too… antagonistic. ^_^;;; (It’s not a good thing when the translations are in traditional Chinese and I’m learning modern Chinese. XD)
            Still, Feito is Feito. XDD You know, I suddenly heard FEITO-VOICE in my head going “Nanoha!” when I read it.(The one from A’s ep 2 or something.) XDDD
            :3 The Mizuki Nana obsession will make anyone do anything. XDD
            [Motherly tone]That Yukarin, corrupting my dear Nana![/Motherly tone] *bridgenose* XDD
            (Though I think we wouldn’t be that displeased if Nana did hang around Yukari alot. NanoFate implications yay! XDDD)
            I just catch random episodes when they’re on the TV, and I happened to watch it when it was at the tournament arc.
            PS. I’m going offline now, sorry! Be back later in the morning(for you). XD

            • :O I didn’t know about that.
              Sleeping on a mission pic? Oh, the one by CYCLONE circle? Huh… Speaking of which, did you ever post in the image thread? It’s still antagonistic? :O Something tells me you mainly only lurk in the FFT though. XDDD (Because most Mizuki Nana fans who post stuff up in chinese are from HK or Taiwan mainly, so they’d write in traditional chinese. I personally can’t read simplified chinese so I’m glad people still write in traditional. XDDD)
              *nods nods* Feito is awesome regardless of her age. XDDD I think I know which one you’re talking about! XDD
              …Not necessary anyone… but the two of us, at the very least. XDDD
              *bursts out laughing* Although, I always had the impression that Nana-san supports NanoFate more than Yukari. XDD
              I wouldn’t mind if she did hang around Yukarin a lot. Actually, I’d really like it if they did a radio show together because they were hilarious in Smile-Gang 332 (when Misato was ill). XDDDD And yes, can’t forget the NanoFate implications. XDDD
              Okay! =D

              • Well, it’s like that over here and the only way you can rear huge dogs is if you live in houses. >.>
                I’m not sure. Nanoha is sleeping on Fate’s lap and “They promised to rest for 30mins, but 50 mins have already passed.” :3 I think I did, a few times. To semi-flame though. XDD It’s always like that, but yeah, I lurk mostly in FFT. (But it’s annoying. I can’t even read simplified, and they expect me to read traditional too. D: You should learn simplified, I can “teach” you. XDDD *ignores what I said in the sentence before that*)
                But Loli!Fate is more illegal. XDDDD [ego]Great minds think alike. XDD[/ego]
                Well, it only strikes if someone is obsessed with Mizuki Nana… XD
                Yeah, with the proposal in the DVD specials that I’ve heard about(but Yukarin is more famous for her yuri-ness. XD)
                You’re making me listen to it. XD Nana-san doesn’t seem to be able to stop laughing when talking to Yukarin. XDDD That’s first and foremost. XD

              • It’s like that in some apartments here, but not all. *shrugs*
                Yeah, that’s the one. =D A really cute and rare pic by CYCLONE. =3 To semi-flame? In the image thread?? XDDD (But apparently, you’ve been reading traditional just fine since you understand what’s being written. XDD Haha, why not the other way around? You learn traditional, I can “teach” you. =3 XDD)
                Illegal? I don’t want to know what’s going through your mind when you said that. XDDD
                True. And crazily obsessed too. XD
                :O Proposal!? WHAT PROPOSAL!?!?! I know Yukarin said, “I’d rather marry Nana-chan” on her radio show but there was something in the DVD specials??? How come I have no recollection of this? (can’t argue but that. XD)
                Good! =D *nods nods* The first time I listened to it, I had a hard time figuring out what they were saying (because they were BOTH laughing) but yeah, it got easier with each time (yes, I’ve listened to it like 20 times already >.>). And Nana-san was so excited throughout, and Yukari wanted to tell her to “calm down.” XDDD :O Lightning family should be first and foremost! XDDD

              • Now I want a Kei-tan for myself LOL. XD
                Rare? And umm, yeah. I don’t really have a “get-along-with-others” sort of attitude on forums. XDD
                (:3 That’s just guessing. My eyes just usually skip over any Chinese words. XD
                Sicne I can “read” it, I don’t need you to “teach” me traditional. But you can’t read simplified, so I should “teach” you. XDD)
                Yes, illegal. I wasn’t thinking of anything, I just automatically assign illegal to Loli!Fate. XDD
                Being crazy is fun. XD
                I’m not sure, but I saw somewhere that Nana proposed to Yukarin in one of the DVD specials for either the first season or A’s. Haven’t found it anywhere though. :/
                They totally have a crush on each other. XDDDDD It was totally fun though, I was like laughing along with them even though I didn’t even understand what was being said. XDDD
                NO. NANOFATE ABOVE ALL. Your brainwashing and repetition will not work with me. :3

              • Even though Kei-tan was being disobedient a couple of weeks back? XDDD
                Yeah, CYCLONE doesn’t do much “normal” NanoFate pics… >.>;;
                Yet you have a “get-along-with-others” sort of attitude on LJ. XDD Meaning you’re just not willing to get along. XDDDD
                (But I can guess simplified characters too. XDDD Sometimes… XD)
                For being illegally cute? XDD
                Speaking from personal experience? XD
                Hm… But I’ve watched all the interviews in first season and A’s and I don’t recall such a thing happening. Or did you mean the confession of love from Fate to Nanoha only to be rejected in the first interview of A’s. XDDD But Saitou Chiwa did “propose” to Nana in a magazine interview XDDD.
                Their laughter is contagious. XDDD But it is hilarious because Yukarin kept being mean to Nana-san. XDD
                And neither will YOUR repetition work on ME. =D XDDD

              • I’m sure I’d be able to discipline him. XDD
                The way you wrote that, I don’t want to know what’s normal for CYCLONE. >.>
                Well, yes. XD Helps that you’re nice? XDD
                (Sometimes, so I should still “teach” you. XDD)
                Umm… not exactly. XD
                Why don’t I just say that I know what it feels like? XDDD
                It’s probably the confession of love, but I haven’t actually heard it though. >.> Nana is just seriously attractive to everyone. XDD
                Yes, it is LOL. XDD I didn’t know that, but I was laughing too. XD
                But I’m not repeating anything at all. XDD

              • How? By spoiling him or being extremely strict? If it’s the latter… Poor Kei-tan. XDDD
                No, believe me, you don’t want to know. I was badly scarred just because curiosity got the better of me. And I mean that seriously. >.>
                Aww~ You think I’m nice! =D XD
                (But if you “teach” me, then that means I’ll have to start “studying” it. D: XDD)
                Then what exactly? XDD
                Right. XD
                I’m too lazy to link to YouTube… So here… Post with the interview + brief translation
                Well, that’s understandable, isn’t it? XDD
                Just imagine what’ll happen if they ever make a radio show with the two of them as hosts… XDD
                You keep repeating “NanoFate above all.” XDD

              • XDDD Poor Kei-tan indeed. I think you’d be seeing reports of “Cute Chihuahua mauls new owner.” XDDDDDDDDD
                I have an inkling of what sort of thing CYCLONE draws, but I rather not have an actual first-hand knowledge. XD
                At least there are so many other artists drawing NanoFate that is “normal” and awesome. XDD
                Because you are. XDDD (And I think that “get-along-with-others” attitude just applies to you and En while on LJ. :/ I’m having this urge to flame in the Mizuki Nana comm. Again. >.>
                (But you’re already “studying”, and my “teaching” will be much more fun due to the use of NanoFate in teaching materials.) XDDDD
                Yep, crazy is fun. XD
                *comment is derailed by watching of video*
                ZOMG NANOFATE-NESS!! XDDD
                She has long fingers too! *just realised that from the video* XDDD
                The world will burst out laughing. XDDD
                Well, it’s a true fact. XDD

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