Spinning Cameras make a Comeback (Trickster)! [Mizuki Nana]

Was listening to Smile-Gang episode 338 (My weekly dose of Mizuki Nana’s voice).

– My gosh, Misato, DON’T MAKE JOKES LIKE THAT. I nearly screamed “WHAT?!” XD (For those who are curious, Misato started the program with “Smile-Gang is ending with this episode~” before Nana-san jumped in (loudly) with “IT’S NOT ENDING!!! What are you doing?” XDD)

– Mizuki Nana saying “I don’t want to go home tonight” (Konya wa kaeritakunai na) in a cute and sexy way (she said it 3 times, each time a bit different). Everyone GO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE (at least beginning)!!!

– HAHAH, Nana has been wasting her time just rolling and sleeping on her SOFA this last week (after coming home from walking Kei-tan and eating dinner). XDD

– I love Mizuki Nana’s on-the-spot creativity (Why is wine called “wine?” Because when people see wine, they go わぁーいいね~ (Waa- ii ne~) and eventually, as time went on, people started saying “wine.”) <–これは本当にいいねwwwww 奈々さんやっぱりすごい!www

– I was hoping they'd play TRINITY CROSS this time, but they went with Trickster again… (Not that I mind the song, because I like it very much =D)

– Non-Mizuki-related: Tamura Yukari's CM for her latest single ending with めろ~ん still makes me laugh despite this being the fifth week I've been hearing it. Mizuki made a reference/joke about that on her blog a while back about that too. XD

I'm pretty sure every Nana fan has seen the PVs for Trickster and DISCOTHEQUE, but here are my belated thoughts on them.

We’ve all gone through the whole Suit!Nana is hot so I won’t go through it again. XD
Anyway, Nana-san mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Smile-Gang that the “camera that went round-and-round” from her WILD EYES PV makes a comeback here in Trickster. But she said that it’s even more amazing this time than the last and I can see why she said so. It was spinning longer and faster than it did in WILD EYES. XDD

I love everything in this PV. From the black-and-white effect to the water (the water part really got me for some reason) to the BAND. =D And they were in this cage thing that just made it look all the more cool.

Little tid-bit of info: When Nana-san first found out the song title was to be labelled “Trickster” she originally thought “Trick STAR” which might explain why she still pronounces it as Star sometimes. XDD

But still, I like Trickster better.
We’ve got a bit of dance choreography going on here (something that Nana-san is not exactly known for) but it’s great as always. <–Result of years of hardwork? =D
The PV itself was very shiny and…cute… (I can't come up with another word for it! XD). I grin because of the cuteness. XD
Otherwise, I don't really have much of an opinion of it. It's a cute PV. Mizuki Nana is in it. What more can I say? XD


27 comments on “Spinning Cameras make a Comeback (Trickster)! [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Are you listening to Smile Gang on NicoNico?
    XD Discotheque is seriously an overload of cuteness. XDDD
    Oh and she looks like some nurse.That I would like to be looked over by. XDDD

    • Haha, I accidentally set the volume to my laptop louder than usual and nearly jumped when I got the alert that you commented. XD *sets volume back*
      Yes, I was listening to Smile-Gang on NicoNico. Did you listen it? Did you hear the ‘Konya wa kaeritakunai na’ part?? =D (Because THAT deserves a listen XD)
      Now that you mention it, she DOES look like a nurse. I think it’s the pinkness of it all. XD

        • *is confused* How so??? XD
          I can always get you the links. =D Just tell me when you want them. 😉
          Or actually, I guess I can go find said links right after I post this comment. =D
          You just made me replay the PV for the I-don’t-know-how-many times! :O

          • We’re both AWESOME! and WOW!
            ^Actually I’d say just me ;_;
            But sigh, in order to praise myself, I have to praise you.
            Yarrr, I GOT SHOCKED AWAKE BY THE ALERT ;_;
            BORED BORED BORED.
            I’m like trying to find doujin to download. -.-
            ^ know any place to dl N/F doujins? 😀
            Stupid MOODTHEME thing really drains the fun out of you ;_;

            • Is it so bad to praise me? XDD
              But do you still remember the dream? =D
              Err… You probably have all the doujins that has been released already. ^^;;
              Unless you still want to plow through Yamibo to check (bad thing is that they don’t ‘sort’ by doujins -_-)
              Then stop making the moodthemes! Start writing fic or something! =D

              • I could ask you the same question LOL xD xD
                And NO. You know how usually when you’re woken from a dream abruptly, you don’t usually remember it? :/
                ^ For me anyway.
                I only knew it was nanofate. D:
                That’s what I thought!
                Like, I thought the megapack covered everything, but while I was looking through other files in the megapack for STUPID MOODTHEMES, I realised there were a lot I didn’t have? O_o
                Eg, the random pages from the NSFW folders, NOPE DONT HAVE THOSE -.-
                *is too late to be productive. xD*

              • Excessive praising is bad. That is my answer. XD
                True… Oh well, pretty sure you’ll have another NanoFate dream some time. =D
                “random pages from the NSFW folder” meaning…? Chances are, if they’re random pages, it probably means that those were the only pages that were “NanoFate.” So you’re not missing out on much. =P
                It is NEVER too late!!! XD

              • Excessive?!?! I don’t even get the BARE MINIMUM! xD
                ^ LOL.
                BUT THEY END SO ABRUPTLY.
                THERE HAS TO BE MORE. D: -clings on to hope.
                And I refuse to believe there are only like FIFTEEN (or so) N/F doujins in the world / on the net! D:
                Random pages as in they look like random pages from a N/F doujin. xD xD xD
                -.- YES, SO WHY DON’T YOU START NOW! 😀 😀

              • Because your ego is already over-inflated, so everyone has to be extra careful when they try to “praise” you. XD
                I doubt that… Some of them have an extra character jump in right in the next page… So yeah… NanoFate parts do end abruptly.
                *ahem* Well… Non R-18 (NSFW) NORMAL N/F doujins are rather hard to find…
                Because I’m working on RL stuff! XD
                I actually tried writing, but my mind is drawing a blank as to ideas. -__-;;

              • Now that’s a MEAN THING to say. A nice person would have PRAISED ME ANYWAY xD xD LOL.
                And you know because…? :O *suspicious*
                LOL. I can’t even find rated ones, much less non r ones ;_;
                So there’s ABNORMAL doujins now? xD xD
                I’M UH, WORKING ON RL STUFF TOO.
                I have to fufil (why is this word highlighted as misspelled? :/) the minimum hours of sleep for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! xD

              • OH!!!
                No wonder yamibo sounded so familiar! xD
                I went there once, and AFTER THAT GAVE UP cause of COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN xD
                I took FOREVER to read what they were saying xD xD
                And YAY, THANKS! 😛
                I have to go now though, I’ll look at them tmr! 😀
                But how come I get the feeling it’s just seeing all the picts I’ve alr seen, just in a different order? ^^;
                (I still don’t believe you, though, but wtv xD)
                OH. xD Fufill! 😀

              • All right, good night then. I need to go too. XD
                Communication breakdown? XDD
                Because you’ve seen most of them already. =P But there might be A FEW that you haven’t seen? I don’t know, there were a few I don’t recall seeing. =P

              • Ohh, I get it now. XDD So you’ve done all the resizing and all that as well? =D
                I’m sure I’ve seen a guide before… Too bad I can’t remember where. XP
                And I JUST remembered… About doujins… Have you read a doujin called FAKE PAST? It’s somewhat NanoFate (more friendship but still Nanoha&Fate)?

              • *checks your LJ* YES YOU DID IT!!! =D That looks awesome. =3
                You’ll be sharing that moodtheme. Right? RIGHT??? XD
                You probably haven’t since it hasn’t been translated into…any language yet. XD Want link? (since I did say I was going to let you know if I came across any non-R doujins XD)

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