Coincidences are often cool [MSLN-related]

So I was re-reading the A’s manga.
And I happened to be listening to be Tamura Yukari’s Little Wish.
When I got to the last page of the manga, the song was coming to an end.

As I was reading the words 「わたしたちは笑顔でいます。 元気です。」 on the last page, the song was at the last two lines. Guess what those last two lines are? わたしは笑顔でいます、元気です。

Thanks to that, I got a better understanding on why A’s ended with those words, but to think the timing worked out so well. XDD Is this, perhaps, fate? XD

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Animelo Summer Live 2008!!! Mizuki Nana performed yesterday. Apparently, according to her blog, she did a collaboration medley song with Tamura Yukari. She also did another collaboration with Ali Project (song: ETERNAL BLAZE). =D
I can’t wait to see the videos of these song performances.
Too bad the collaboration between Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari wasn’t Innocent Starter or ETERNAL BLAZE (not that I mind AliPro singing it with Nana-san), because… Waaah, think of the possible NanoFate implications. XDD Especially Innocent Starter, because the lyrics are pretty much in Nanoha’s point of view. XDDDD


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