I’ve noticed that there’s been a lack of MSLN post from me lately. That needs to be fixed. =3

Anyway, I just finished reading Das Resultat sagt alles, a parallel MSLN SS (Japanese fanfiction). First time I’ve read a thirty chapter piece of writing written in japanese. And also the first time I’ve read an AU story in another language other than english.

Because of my japanese level, I always tended to stay away from long AU fictions. I don’t think my kanji level is much better than a fourth grader in Japan (actually, I have no clue. Maybe a fourth grader knows more than me XD). Most of time, I recognize the words, know what they mean, but have no clue how to read it out loud.
But something about this particular SS caught my attention. First, it was the title cover. The art was amazing. If only I was at Comike last weekend, I’d so buy this (but of course, I do not live in Japan so being at Comike was impossible). Several people have mentioned that this was a very touching piece of work as well, so that gave me another reason to read it.

So I thought I’d give this SS a shot by reading at least the prologue.
And I was hooked almost instantly.

The author was genius to start and end it off that way.
The majority of it was very sad. And very, very touching.
When the conclusion came, the only things going through my mind was “よかった!本当によかった。” The author was able to transfer emotions through words very effectively. So I was glad at the way everything ended.
It was truly an incredible story.

Aside from SS, there was another piece of fanwork that caught my attention. Aromatic Emission.
Being a StrikerS fan and being a Hayate fan, Aromatic Emission really struck a cord. This is what Hayate deserved at the end of StrikerS. Much more than what she got in the actual end of the series. Because really, I’m sure every single one of her subordinates took pride in the person known as Yagami Hayate.
To Nanoha and Fate, Hayate is their best friend.
To Signum, Vita, Shamal, Zafira, and Rein, Hayate is the best lord and family.
To the Forward members and everyone else in Lost Property Riot Force Six (Nanoha, Fate, WolkenReitter inclusive), Hayate is the best commander they could ever hope to ask for.

Somehow, after seeing these two pieces of work, it suddenly makes me want to take up Japanese even more seriously than I have been. Just reading and understanding isn’t enough. Just giving one sentence replies when spoken to in Japanese isn’t enough. Just writing down random bursts of one sentence japanese isn’t enough.
I want to be able to write paragraphs in that language. I want to hold a conversation with someone in that language. I want to read without stopping during a sentence because I suddenly find myself unable to pronounce a kanji in that language.

…But I don’t have a clue as to where to start. XP


27 comments on “騎士と姫

  1. XDD A German title. 😀
    You can actually read THAT well!!! Awesome.
    You haven’t thought about taking Japanese at your uni?? (At a higher level of course). Actually spending some time in Japan (exchange programme?) would prob. help you a lot more. 😉

    • I’m assuming it means something along the lines of “The result is everything?” =D
      *sighs* My uni, for some ODD reason DO NOT offer japanese. -.-
      And I don’t trust myself to go to a foreign country alone. XD

      • “The result says it all.” 😀
        That is weird. You can’t take it at other universities or take some sort of exchange programme/summer course through an organisation?
        (You wouldn’t be in another country completely alone…)

        • Ah, I see now. =D
          Well, there is japanese in the campus downtown, but getting to and from takes too much time. I wouldn’t be able to make it to my other classes then since it’s a little over an hour trip to get back. D:
          Exchange programme… I know I won’t be completely alone but alone enough. XD And I’m not sure how well an exchange program works for me because I am in a co-op program. My schedule is supposed to be school, work, school, work, etc. until I graduate. Sure I can find a job outside of this country, but I don’t think they’d let me go to Japan. It’s usually limited to Hong Kong and France. XP

          • How far apart are the uni campuses from each other?? That sounds scarily far away. I’m lucky that the language centre courses are mostly on the campus I have my other lessons, anyway, but I don’t think the other campuses are THAT far away.
            Hmm… Maybe you can have a gap year, Or wait until you graduate (unless you’re automatically employed after that). There’s no way you can have even one summer free?? Hong Kong and France? Why those two?

            • Quite far. -.- One campus is one to one and a half bus + subway ride away. The other one is in a completely different city (probably around 2 hours away? I’ve never been there myself). =D
              I have no more summers free. ;_; Unless I get kicked out of my program (and let’s hope that NEVER happens).
              A lot of corporations in Hong Kong are constantly looking to hire overseas students, so they offer a lot of job opportunities. And there’s little communication barrier that exists (at least, that is the assumption on both parts).
              As for France, I think it has much to do with the fact that Canada’s second official language is french. We’re supposed to be able to communicate without much problems in that language (or at least take the chance to improve further) by working there. Of course, people like me who can barely speak french despite learning since grade 4 (and stopped at grade 10 XD), won’t survive very long in that country. Probably. XD

              • Wow. So you have three campuses altogether? We also used to have one faculty (translations) located in another city, but that will actually be in Helsinki starting this year. (I initially thought of applying there. but there was no way I was leaving Helsinki. XDD)
                That’s sad. But at least summers are easier?
                *nods* Well… depending on the person, being in an environment, where one has to solely use a certain language, one does learn to adapt. 😀 You haven’t thought about working abroad, or??

              • Yup, 3 campuses.
                Actually, I’d say summers are harder. -.-
                No, I’ve never thought about working abroad. I’m not leaving Toronto. XDD Unless I remain jobless for a long while AFTER I graduate, then I will probably have to leave this place, but otherwise, not thinking about it. =3

              • *Nods* We have… at least 4, but they’re not too far away from each other(then again, Helsinki isn’t that gigantic. XDD)
                The summers are HARDER??? *shock* That sounds wrong.
                *nods* I understand. I wouldn’t like to leave, either.

  2. You know, this is probably very late. But as I was stalking your older entries, I realised that this is the german fanfic you were talking about!!
    And I agree that the cover is awesome!!!
    What is it about, btw? O_o
    Damnit, now you’ve got me interested 😥

    • I honestly do not understand why you’d want to go through the mass amount of old entries… I have every reason to be suspicious of you!
      It’s about Princess!Nanoha and Commoner!Fate (who aspires to be a knight) falling in (forbidden) love. After much time-skip, Fate does become a knight (with the idea that she’ll become good enough to be by Nanoha’s side) but eventually realizing that she’ll never be good enough no matter how much she tried to reach for the princess. She ends up horribly distancing herself, acting nothing like the Fate Nanoha used to know, but simply as a guard knight who responds only by order and shows no emotions.
      Obviously, they’re only putting themselves through torture (Hayate is well aware of that and tries to persuade the both of them to stop) but Fate was being insanely stubborn.
      It wasn’t until Fate met someone from her “forgotten” past on the battlefield did she break down in her own room (and Nanoha had come to comfort her because she somehow knew that Fate was crying). That was when they talked, truly talked after years of putting distance between them. (Actually, Nanoha has always tried to close the distance but Fate keeps hurting her with her coldness).
      After Nanoha and Fate “got back together” after that night talk, the main war breaks out. They realize that the enemy is after Nanoha because she holds special power over an item (a stone) that can grant any wish.
      And Fate finds out that she herself is the daughter of the opposing army (a country headed by Precia). After much pain and consideration, Fate decides to leave Nanoha and join the enemy, leaving a letter that both infuriated and saddened Hayate and left Nanoha crying non-stop. But in the letter, Fate did not know where she was going or why she left. Simply that she loves Nanoha and how she wished they had a future together. Hayate wonders why Fate wrote it in a way that seemed to say “I’m not going to come back alive so find happiness without me, Nanoha.” (The letter was so very touching that I cried for a long time ;_; ).
      Once they found out that Fate has “defected” to the enemy troops, Nanoha and Hayate set out to bring Fate back.
      Battles abound and eventually, we see that Fate had been trying to destroy the very stone that Nanoha was “able” to control so that her mother would have no reason to go after Nanoha anymore.
      She fails. Nearly dies but Agito protected her, and Nanoha, Hayate, and WolkenReitter finds Fate at that moment.
      More epic battles. Battle end, Precia and the other mastermind whom I have forgotten the name of, dies. Nanoha also dies. Utter despair mood until the “stone that could not be destroyed” saves Nanoha’s life.
      They return to castle. Fate and Hayate expect to be punished severely (especially Fate since she betrayed her country) and was surprised when the guards at the door congratulated Fate for her bravery. Stumped, Fate and Hayate didn’t know what to say. The guard proceeds to say that the King has explained everything and that Fate was sent on an undercover mission, which was why she had to trick everyone.
      It was actually untrue, but the King does know that Fate did whatever she did in order to protect Nanoha and the lie was the only way Fate can get out of all this unharmed. Similarly, with Hayate, no punishment was served.
      However, the key “stone” that started everything was actually a national treasure. Nanoha had destroyed it after being revived. That is a punishable crime.
      And Nanoha was punished. By being exiled from the castle. She will no longer recognized as a Princess. Meaning is free from her cage… Nanoha and Fate are elated by this “punishment.”
      Nanoha’s mother also reveals that the reason that Nanoha was not set up for arranged marriages as princesses should be when they reach the age of 16 was because they know how much pain Nanoha had gone through. They wanted, at the very least, to have Nanoha marry someone she truly loved. They never expected this turn of events, but it all worked out for the best anyway.
      Both the King and Queen tells Nanoha to come and visit, not as a princess, but as Nanoha.
      Whew… that is long. XD

      • THAT IS THE LONGEST COMMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, holy crap, thanks so much!!!! O_O
        You never fail to amaze me.
        AND OMG THAT WAS DAMN GOOD, WTF!? I would never have been able to think of something as complicated as that, with so many twists and all.
        The whole ‘distance to protect you from me / the pain of our forbidden love’ thing is so freaking cliched but awesome all the same 😀 😀
        – I’m grinning just thinking about it.
        The cover art makes sense now!! (Who drew it, btw? O_o I’m guessing not the author?)
        I actually feel excited / emotions for it despite not even reading it. It must have been really well-written to have been able to make you cry, btw O_o
        And Fate. Arrgh, Fate is so sweet D: And gallent! 😀
        (Did Fate kill Precia, btw?)
        ;_; I was all D: when Nanoha died but 😀 when the stone revived her (though I sort of expected that xD)
        PLOT TWISTS FTW!! 😀
        AND LOL, Nanoha’s punishment thing is sheer genius.
        ^ See! We manage fine without angst! 😀
        LONG IS LONG INDEED, I’m doing a knight!Fate and thanking you on bended knee xD xD
        THANK YOU!! O:
        And wow, I’m impressed, You managed to read all that, in Japanese!? O_O

        • And that is the longest comment I’ve ever written.
          If only you could read the actual thing. D: My summary can’t even capture a quarter of the epic-ness that is the story. ;_;
          I realized I made a typo in my comment. XDD I said Fate didn’t know where she was going, when it should’ve been, Fate didn’t write where she was going in the letter.
          Yes, Fate killed Precia in the “I-love-you-mom-even-if-I-am-just-a-clone-but-I’ve-found-someone-I-love-more” kind of way.
          I found the punishment thing genius too.
          But there were A LOAD of angst throughout. XD
          “LONG IS LONG INDEED, I’m doing a knight!Fate and thanking you on bended knee xD xD”
          I know you’re referring to the art, but the first image that conjured in my mind was you on one knee (the proposing kind) since you wrote bended knee instead of bended knees. XDD
          Yes, I read all that in japanese. I didn’t understand every single word that was written, but I managed through context.
          About the cover art, no, the author didn’t draw. Hachikai did… Err… Will have to dig up link to that artist.

          • Actually, your summary is very well done and epic. xD
            -.- I went to the site, and all I could read was PROFILE LOL.
            ROTFL that made me burst out laughing xD Nothing can compare to Fate’s love for Nanoha! 😀
            OH SHEESH LOL, who’s the one thinking too much now? -pokes xD
            And yes, I don’t know how you knew I was referring to the art but I was. 😛
            The “proposing kind”, much less. xD Pfft.
            Nah, it’s okay! 😀
            I can’t navigate around it anyway ^^;
            And whoa, cool much. An artist drew for that fic! O:

              • OMG. I CANNOT STOP GRINNING.
                “Ohh, that reminds me, I’ve always wanted to show you this website:”
                ^ EH, that reminds me, I’ve always wanted to ask but I never did xD
                THAT IS LIKE, THE JACKPOT 😀 😀 ZOMG I saved almost every piece, and I grinned throughout the whole process, and I even went ‘aww~!’ aloud at the ‘ohayou’ and the neko!Fate one zomg 😛
                See, it’s people like these who remind me how awesome and cool artists are :/
                Everything is so well drawn! O: And yeah, SO MANY HIGHSCHOOL 8D And not all are on AS, too! 😛
                Weirdly, I cannot see the text o_o I see boxes, but I think it’s my browser settings or something :/ Will fix it and look at the profile later 😀
                And the other one… xD
                Lol, cannot navigate.
                But I remember seeing some of the picts on AS though, especially the crying / angsty Fate one, I remember that clearly 😀
                Thanks so much for the links again! xD
                Why am I always in your debt? :/
                Or maybe she was just too lazy to bend the other knee xP

              • Did you look at the comics? I liked the art there too. XD Yes, I went ‘Aww~’ out loud the first time I saw some of them as well. XDD
                “^ EH, that reminds me, I’ve always wanted to ask but I never did xD”
                ^I am amused by this. =3 It’s like we read each other’s minds or something. XD
                You’re welcome.
                I wonder why? XD
                “Or maybe she was just too lazy to bend the other knee xP”
                I find that unlikely. XD

              • Eh?
                Didn’t know there were comics, since I couldn’t read any text ^^;
                Fixed the prob though, and I just read them!! 😀
                Omg the last one actually made me TEAR.
                And I NEVER tear while reading anything chinese o_O
                AND there’s actually a happy song playing in the bg!
                (And in case you’re wondering, no I couldn’t read all the words, but yeah I get the general meaning :P)
                Ah, the second comic finally loaded.
                OMG HAHA. Okay I keep OMGing but really, I can’t put what I feel in words xD was really amusing and sweet and the ending panel was really touching too! O:
                (Again, I’m shocked that I can understand this xD)
                OMG THE FIRST COMIC HAS VIVIO ;_;
                -turnoff! Lucky I saw this last 😛
                LOL. K I read it and I guess it’s cute xD
                —-END COMIC!RANT—-
                xD I didn’t ask cause I didn’t want to bother you and make you go look for the link and all :/
                And yes, that mind-reading thing happens rather often, doesn’t it xD
                -sticks out tongue 😛

              • The last one? You mean the one where Nanoha turned down Yuuno’s proposal?
                The second one is my favourite. XD It’s so funny and cute and sweet all at the same time. =D
                (I think you give yourself too little credit. You know more chinese than you think. =3)
                Even though Vivio is in it, the first one was very cute. =D
                There’s an incomplete one too. Did you see that?
                It doesn’t take me that long to go through MSLN links. They’re all properly ordered in my Favourites folder. XDD
                Yes, now that you mention it, it does happen often. XD

              • Yup, hah, stupid Yuuno.
                The part where she thought that Fate would be freaked out but act okay and all was kinda sad. (for lack of a better word xD)
                But yes, second was the favourite, I really liked the ending! :K
                And there was sweet!Fate and protective!Fate and flustered!Fate xD So win-win-win-win.
                (HEH, wait till I get back my results. 0:D)
                Oh no, I didn’t. xD
                (Okay I’ll just admit it’s cause I can’t read the headings lol. So I skipped that since the pict I clicked was Rozen Maiden (or smth!?) and I thought it wasn’t MSLN anymore 😛
                *later* OH I wondered what happened to make Nanoha so angsty at the first two pages that were posted on AS! 😛
                But sadly, I don’t get this one completely -.-
                Was Fate upset cause Nanoha ate her whole egg (LOL) instead of just one bite or something? O_o
                Actually, only AS (image thread), ffnet (MSLN) and now iridescence is bookmarked for me 😛 (Cause I don’t know any other MSLN sites anyway)
                And I just deleted AS (ff thread) off my bookmark toolbar last night xD
                Has finally give up on it xD

              • The first time I read it, I thought it was going to turn out YuunoxNanoha and wanted to click the “back” button before thinking that I should give it a chance anyway… only to find out it WAS NanoFate after all. XD
                *nods* And I do believe that is what would happen in canon IF Fate does not return Nanoha’s feelings. It’s just so Fate to act normal and pretend nothing has happened to protect them all from their own feelings. ;_;
                Flustered!Fate was amusing. XD
                (When do you get back your results?)
                The doujin isn’t complete. Something else must have happened afterwards. I’m guessing it might be Fate confronting Nanoha, asking why she did what she did and Nanoha (being jealous and still slightly angry) either says something she shouldn’t have or admits her feelings without meaning to.
                I have random MSLN artist and writer blogs bookmarked. AS isn’t bookmarked for me. It’s in my browser though. Heh. And I don’t visit the place as often anymore. It’s really only a matter of time before I stop going there completely. =P
                I thought you gave up on it a long time ago? XD

              • Exactly, or at the very least, Fate would come running and Arc Sabre Yuuno to the ends of the earth, or something xD
                *nods again* But we all know she would return Nanoha’s feelings. xD
                That, or she’d act normal for a bit, then accept some long-distance mission and well, yeah.
                What interests me is whether in canon, would Nanoha or Fate admit their feelings first? O_o
                Both seem equally possible. But I’m guessing Fate already has feelings for Nanoha but would never admit (if she rejected), cause she’s scared or something, idk. And Nanoha would admit. :O
                Like I said, IDK. xD
                (No idea, next week I think. *DOOM* Actually I just had a dream last night xD I dreamt that I did very well for Bio LOL. <- Impossible 😛 )
                Eh? But what did Nanoha do? O_o
                All I made out was her eating the egg cause she was still hungry xD
                And why is Nanoha jealous / angry?
                I did give up a long time ago. I just left the bookmark there in case IDK, there was some form of salvation, or something. xD
                And since I don’t go to artist blogs (gr), image thread is the only place I still get pretty N/F images 😀
                Though maybe I can just give up and wait for nanofate megapack 3 to appear, hopefully xD
                (I wanted to add something, but I can’t remember what now 😦 )

              • “Exactly, or at the very least, Fate would come running and Arc Sabre Yuuno to the ends of the earth, or something xD”
                ^A very funny image entered my mind where pixelated versions (imagining it as a game) where Fate comes in from the left and whacks Yuuno (baseball fashion) and Yuuno goes flying while spinning (you know, like how it always happens in cartoons? XD) until he disappears in the distance. XD
                I’d always imagine Nanoha admitting her feelings first. Fate would be too afraid as she is the type to desperately try to preserve what they have, to cling to the friendship they share.
                (Have more faith in yourself!)
                The girl who asked Fate if she’d be willing to share her tamagoyaki was acting all friendly with Fate (linking arms and all) which made Nanoha jealous. She didn’t want that girl eating Fate’s bitten tamagoyaki so she took it without permission. Like I said, the doujin is incomplete, Nanoha probably did something mean afterwards (we will find out if the artist ever decides to continue it). I recall the first page was Nanoha slapping Fate’s hand away or something… Maybe that was what started the whole angst?
                Then maybe you can start making a list and visit the artists’ blogs/websites now? XD
                Though I admit the image thread is quite convenient… Though generally, the art I take interest to are often by the artists already in my bookmarks… ^^;;
                But that may take a while. XD

              • OH MY GOD.
                -freaks, goes back to check.
                OH MY GOSH IT ISN’T NANOHA!!!
                I was like huh, 山崎 , who the hell is that, and I chalked it off as some random word I didn’t know!
                OMG THAT GIRL IS LIKE STUPID OR STUPID, grr she’s stealing Nanoha’s egg! D: D:
                LOL. Okay now the comic is funny, jealous!Nanoha is so amusing. xD AND I can’t believe I didn’t understand it at first! *rage* I thought that Nanoha wanted the egg, but the artist drew some random girl for idk, decoration.
                *feels dumb ;_;*
                -nods. Yeah, Fate’d be scared that her confession will ruin their friendship. Guh.
                (I think now you see why my chinese fails xD)
                I remember what I wanted to say now! xD
                I find it amusing / ironic that we’re both giving up on the place we met, LOL.

              • Your icon is so fitting. XDD
                Haha, yeah, stealing the egg wasn’t a smart idea. Arisa (or was Hayate?) was like… She won’t bring out RH, will she? XD
                Rather than not understanding, I think you just weren’t reading it carefully enough. =P
                *nos* And there’s also the other factor to take into consideration. It might be that Fate is afraid to take the next step (like in that doujin Hito ni Yasashiku where Fate turns Nanoha down?). Friendships can stay forever, but if something goes wrong in a love relationship, things can end.
                Haha, that is true, we met on AS. XD (But I hardly see you there anyway… Maybe only for those first couple of weeks? =P)
                Meh, but me giving up on forums is nothing new. XDD

              • The icon was intentional, it’s how I feel anyway wtf I can’t believe I didn’t realize!
                “Stealing” is right. Fate’s eggs belong to Nanoha, and lol that sounds wrong. xD SINCE WHEN DID SHE SAY THAT. -checks.
                Oh yeah, it’s Arisa xD And I think I’m utter fail. RH writted vertically looks like a 力 and a 工 below, SO I THOUGHT IT WAS ANOTHER WORD I DIDN’T KNOW.
                -headdesk headdesk.
                -nods. Or maybe they’ll just stay best friends, then very naturally take it to a higher step. Like everything just falls into place cause they’re so in sync. Or maybe they need a catalyst, like Nanoha getting upset that someone else likes Fate, or something xD
                That was when I was still in to the ffthread ;_;
                Sigh, those were the days xD
                Idk what turns me off about the ff thread, actually :/
                Hah, unsociable. xD

              • “Fate’s eggs belong to Nanoha, and lol that sounds wrong. xD”
                ^Yes, that sounds wrong. XD
                It’s the size of the pages. You have to squint to see the words.
                Yeah. How I actually see this is a natural progression of relationship but all the while, never discussed, never put into words. You probably have never watched Gundam SEED/Destiny, but I always compared them to KiraxLacus in that show. They gradually fell in love but they never talked about what they shared, just always by each other’s side… Something that has gone beyond physical, and almost spiritual…
                Ahaha… It probably doesn’t make much sense if you don’t know who Kira and Lacus are… ^^;;
                The same thing could be asked of me. I don’t know why I suddenly just stopped visiting. *shrugs*
                You, unsociable? Hah.
                EDIT: Fixed typos. =P

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