JAM Project in HK??? [+JAM Project videospam =D]

Urk… Sleeping at 3 last night probably wasn’t a good idea… -.-
I can never sleep past 10AM so regardless of what time I sleep at, I WAKE UP BEFORE 10… Though I did get six and a half hours of sleep, so it isn’t too bad. XD Already better than during exam period. =3

Anyway, I meant to talk about this for days now, but I kept getting lazy about it.

Look at this:


And here’s more information: Jam Project No Border World Tour

As it says on the poster, JAM PROJECT is GOING TO HONG KONG THIS OCTOBER!!! =D =D =D
…Except there’s no way I’ll be in HK this October… D: D: D:

Guh. It is in times like these that I wonder WHY I’m here and not in my birth country. -__- Oh, they’re even going to Shanghai. (I’m quarter Shanghai-nese).
Why weren’t they in HK last year? ;_; Oh wait, I didn’t even like them as much as I do now back then, so I wouldn’t have went even if they were there. XD But I always knew about them (they’re quite famous after all), I liked a couple of their songs, but I never really paid attention to them.
But that all changed when I watched their live concerts online.
And I think most Mizuki Nana fans have noticed that JAM Project seems to have taken a liking to Nana-chan. Kageyama Hironobu kept mentioning her in his interviews, and Okui Masami seems to love being on stage with her. XD It’s cute, really. =D

Why I’ve taken a particular liking to JAM Project.
Well, for one, I always liked Okui Masami’s voice. Two, I like the majority of Kageyama Hironobu’s songs (and come on, you can’t not know this guy or his songs if you’re Dragonball fan XD). Three, Matsumoto Rica (used to be – up until April 2008 – but she’ll likely be coming back some time in the future) part of this group and I’m a biased Pokemon fan. XDD Nah, I like Matsumoto Rica’s voice a lot too. =3

But really, what really caught my attention about this group was their energy on stage. (WARNING: Turn DOWN the volume on your comp at first)

VICTORY – Animelo 2007 – Jam Project

^This video really shows their enthusiasm. Look at the way they’re running and jumping all over the place. It’s hard to believe the average age of these six people. XDD And the way they’re smiling? It gives off the feeling that they’re truly enjoying what they’re doing. And I admire these kind of people. =3 (And of course, it’s a very motivational song).

SOUL TAKER – Jam Project

^Not a big fan of the song itself (though it’s not bad, just not something I’d have on repeat), but again, shows their enthusiasm on stage. =3

SKILL – Japan Circuit 2007 – Jam Project feat. Ricardo Cruz

^Can someone say hot-blooded? XD MOTTO MOTTO! XDD
I love this song. XD

Name~君の名は~ – Japan Circuit 2007 – Jam Project

^Slightly different from the videos above. A nice song though. =3

Little Wing – Jam Project 2007 Break out – Okui Masami & Matsumoto Rica

^I really, really like this song. It’s just so cute (especially when Matsumoto Rica sang sekai to kissu shiyou). XDD Too bad the CD version is Okui Masami only (not saying it’s a bad thing), because I like this duet version more. =D

Masami Okui – 空にかける橋 @ Animelo Summer Live 2007

^Because we know how amazing Okui Masami is. =D Her voice is <3.

Ok, I think that's enough Jam Project video spam for one day. XDD

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2 comments on “JAM Project in HK??? [+JAM Project videospam =D]

    • XDD Which guy? There’s 4 of them. XD
      You should at least watch Little Wing. =3
      But yes, I can understand how it can be boring. I mean, nothing can compare to Mizuki Nana’s awesomeness after all. =D

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