Following up with yesterday… [Mizuki Nana & Toyoguchi Megumi]

So, again, went and checked Nana-san’s updated blog. She continues to talk about the race at Twin Ring Motegi. She posted up a picture of the helmet she wore. It was specially designed/decorated with the number 7 of it. XDXD I think it looks very pretty since it sparkles under the sun and all. XD

So anyway, in her entry, Mizuki mentioned the name of another driver on her team. I don’t know if it’s due to privacy or legal issues, but the last character of the mentioned name was replaced with “~” (maybe it’s not a privacy/legal issue but rather an affectionate way to referring to that person? A part of me doubts that though). Despite that, it was still very obvious as to whom she was talking about.
Toyoguchi Megu~san. (Obviously referring to Toyoguchi Megumi XD).

Much like yesterday, another jaw dropping moment for me (because Toyoguchi Megumi is my second/third (she ties with YUKANA) favourite female voice actor). In other words, MIZUKI NANA AND TOYOGUCHI MEGUMI WERE ON THE SAME TEAM!!! =D
But then the logical side of me kicked in, and I realized that something doesn’t make sense. Why would the TWO of them be on the same GO KART RACING team? Too much of a coincidence. So I hopped over to check Toyoguchi-san’s blog. She has several pictures of the race here on her blog. She wrote much more about the race than Nana-san did. =3 And I found out some very interesting things.

They team number 11 and was known as Team Shaymi. The last word of the previous sentence should strike a bell in the minds of Pokemon fans. =3
…So what the heck? This was for a Pokemon Movie event? I suppose that could make sense since the Shaymi movie did premiere in July…

If this was a pokemon event, WHY would Mizuki Nana be there? She has no role in the movie as far as I know. In fact, I’m close to 95% sure she DOESN’T have a role in that movie or else it’d be listed on her website (and the movie’s website). Not to mention, I’m pretty sure people of the Pokemon staff won’t customize Nana-san’s helmet for her specifically.

So did Mizuki Nana join that team just for the fun of it? It’s possible, considering in Smile-Gang, she did mention this was something “personal” that she started to take up (back then, she didn’t reveal that it was racing). If it was for an event, it’d be considered work, and it wouldn’t be “personal” anymore.
But I can’t figure out WHY Pokemon is involved in this. (Or maybe the other around… WHY Nana-san would be involved with Pokemon). Was she invited because the team lacked members? And that she thinks it’d be cool to try? Or does it in actuality have nothing to do with Pokemon?
Too many questions… -___-

Moving away from the topic of Mizuki Nana…
As I told En-chan this morning, I was hit with a severe urge to write some light angst when studying. (See? Studying makes me angsty. XP) But I can’t. I can never understand why I am only inspired to write when I DON’T have the time to write, and when I finally get all the time in the world, the words don’t come to me… Guh… -__- (by the way, this is the main reason why it takes me so long to write something XD My account is pretty much empty XDD)

Reason why I can’t afford the time to be doing much of anything: Finals are EXACTLY one week away. *sound panic alarm!*

They will begin on the 11th (oh look, it’s the same number as Nana-san’s race team number! *bricked*).
This means I will not be spending much time online from now until the 13th (when my exams end).

I will be limiting myself to one hour of online a day. Which will really only be limited to checking e-mails, read Nana-san’s blog, glance through the happenings on my f-list and possibly reply comments. =P

Otherwise… Yeah, probably won’t be hearing much from me. XP

(Hey look! A rare post with no mentions of MSLN today! XD)

EDIT: Hi, I am back to announce that I am sick. D: Or rather, I never really recovered from my on-and-off fever, and now, I’m truly sick. -__- *headdesks* And I have a tutorial EARLY tomorrow too… What am I going to do about studying… ;_; This edit was mainly to vent out some frustration I feel over myself and my weak immune system.
Wait, now is probably a good time to think like Mizuki Nana. 「まけないぞ!!!」


9 comments on “Following up with yesterday… [Mizuki Nana & Toyoguchi Megumi]

  1. “(Hey look! A rare post with no mentions of MSLN today! XD)”
    -explodes 😀 😀 😀
    I’d get red and black, but bah she’s still cool. xD
    Okay I think I am slow.
    Either that or I’m a genius 😛

  2. And separate comment for emphasis:
    Well, obviously my ‘get well soon’ didn’t work the last time, sigh D:
    -tries a new tactic.
    or else!
    Go read nanofate 😛
    Sure antidote ;D

    • Or else what? You just love to threaten me at every opportunity, don’t you? XD
      Anyway, I will try to get well soon. Your fic made me laugh very hard (at the part I mentioned in my review) and as we all know, happy, good laughter makes great medicine. =D <–Medicine influenced brain talking there. XDDD
      …When I saw the word “antidote” my immediate thought was “but I’m not poisoned!” XDD Too much RPG gaming XD(and again, I partly blame the medicine ;_; )

      *cough* I thought that was common knowledge among fans. ;_; Yes, that’s why Nana-san loves the number 7. =D
      -explodes 😀 😀 :D”

      Imagine if she played the role of some extremely powerful, top trainer. =D That’s be so cool. XD Either that, or some extremely powerful legendary pokemon with telepathy. =D

      • KABOOM.
        AM LAUGHING MADLY at your annoying comments.
        AND LOL my friend just peeked over the screen and was like
        “Oh, your kasumi friend again”
        -is loling and grinning at the screen.
        Like I said, you’re GIVING ME A WEIRD COMPLEX.
        HAHAR at the antidote. I think of herbs :/
        “*cough* I thought that was common knowledge among fans. ;_; Yes, that’s why Nana-san loves the number 7. =D
        *cough* I thought that was common knowledge among fans. ;_; Yes, that’s why Nana-san loves the number 7. =D

        FINE HAHA and I thought I was being smart! xD
        But meh, considering I can’t udnerstand Japanese (UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE ;_;), it’s a pretty amazing feat. HOHO.
        I remember vividly when my friend taught me how to count in Japanese, I was screaming at the Nana / Seven thing xD
        And I realised smth.
        Your review always makes my day xD
        (Although I disagree – it’s a boring chapt :P)
        <33333 EN. 😀 😀 😀
        *(Because I cannot remember my password, AGAIN ;_; )

        • Am feeling quite awful at the moment, but your comment made me laugh (as always). =P So I just had to reply. XD
          KABOOM? What? O.o Did you (or me) step on a land mine or something? That was very random. XDD
          Oh, so I made you laugh madly in public? =3 And what weird complex? XDD
          Glad to know my reviews can do that. =D Even though I think my reviews are very random and don’t make much sense. They’re just thoughts that occur after I finish reading your fics. =3
          (I disagree with you, it’s an amusing chapter :P)
          I thought you planned the majority of the fic already? O_O
          PS: Were you, um, high or something when you were replying? Because that’s the feeling I get from your capslocks and randomness. XDD

  3. OMG, how badly are you sick? Is it possible to skip the tutorial??
    (If it’s possible.. take a few days easy and relax.. and when you’re better: study like crazy!!)

    • Not bad enough to not be able to drag myself out of bed to go to the tutorial. =D (Though I think my prof thinks I’m a retard because there was a 3 second response time delay when she was talking to me. XP Must’ve been the medicine…)
      (I’d love to… But unfortunately, I can’t. ;_; Have to study like crazy now or else I won’t be able to cram 4 subjects into my brain in time. =P)

      • Well… at least that’s something. 😉 (but if you have fever that’s already bad enough..)
        Who cares what the prof thinks? XDD Show her you’re not. (And you’re NOT. :D).
        (OMG, 4 subjects. How many pages IS that?? Hope you’ll manage!)
        Btw: Guess who’s now in a similar situation. (We’re SO connected. XDD)

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