Love for Lightning Family = LEVEL UP!

I just finished listening to the MSLN StrikerS SoundStage M3.
…Very mixed feelings, but there were mentions of the family relationship between Fate, Erio, and Caro, so that makes me a very happy fan. =3 And there are also mentions of how close/comfortable Signum feels around Fate, so that’s definitely another bonus. (More fanfic fodder, har).

What made me have mixed feelings is how Fate and Nanoha doesn’t seem that close anymore. Nanoha kept talking about/mentioning Vivio in pretty much everything she says and I actually found it slightly annoying. Fate didn’t even talk about Erio and Caro as much as Nanoha did about Vivio. ;_; . They didn’t really talk to each other as they did in the past 2 megami soundstages.
The second thing that made me have a mixed feeling was the “changed” relationship between Fate and Vivio. It doesn’t directly bother me, because as unbelievable as it may be to the rest of the fandom, I am not a big Vivio fan , but I realize how many NanoFate fans take the whole “Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama” as something that strengthens their “love,” but this type of happy family image is single-handedly smashed by the end of track 3.
What happened is that Vivio doesn’t view Fate as a mother figure anymore. (This was something that Hayate noticed and proceeded to ask Nanoha about. So Nanoha was the one who confirmed it). I’ve very roughly translated that part here:

Hayate: I’ve been thinking lately… Doesn’t it feel like Vivio is viewing Fate-chan as less of a “mama” now?
Nanoha: I suppose that’s how it is. Fate-chan is trying to match* her relationship with Vivio.
Hayate: Because Nanoha-chan is officially the mother?
Nanoha: But Fate-chan’s position (as the godmother/second guardian) hasn’t really changed much, and I’m sure Vivio still loves Fate-chan.
Hayate: So looking at their current relationship, it’s something like a dear older sister?
Nanoha: That’s right! She seems very close to Erio and Caro too!

*match would be the direct translation, but I suppose “change” would work too, except I can’t help but feel that “change” would carry a slightly different meaning than “match,” especially in this case.

So anyway, in very simple terms, Fate is more of an older sister to Vivio now. Not sure how those who like Fate’s position as “Fate-mama” will view this. =P

Erm, I feel like I need to be very careful with how I phrase things throughout this post because everyone is still so sensitive to any sort of information about MSLN. XP Maybe I should put up a disclaimer that says “THE VIEWS THAT ARE EXPRESSED ARE OF THE KASUMI’S OPINION ONLY. THERE ARE SOME BIASES INVOLVED!” XDD


2 comments on “Love for Lightning Family = LEVEL UP!

  1. You know, this is exactly the reason why I don’t listen to StS soundstages. ;_;
    Apart from the fact that I can’t understand them!
    Wayy too much Vivio / Nano-Vivio / LIGHTNING FAMILY HAHARRR xD
    But srsly :K
    I do listen to a few from A’s though (especially those with hints of nanofate / fatenum , but that’s about it :/
    And oops, you downloaded it alr!? I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to upload it and all after all! D:
    I’m going again tmr though, hopefully they’ll stock by then, but I highly doubt so ;_;
    “how Fate and Nanoha doesn’t seem that close anymore.”

    • But I do like StrikerS apart from too much Vivio so I have to listen/know about them. XD
      Speaking of StS soundstages, the StrikerS Soundstage X is confirmed to have no characters from the 1st series to A’s. So it will be completely about StrikerS. You won’t like that, I know, but I’m actually finding it interesting. XD
      What are you saying? It’s not your fault! I should be the one who is sorry. =P I thought about waiting, but then, I just couldn’t resist clicking on the link. XD
      Oh, they would dare. ;_;

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