Mizuki Nana wa saikou desu!!!


It doesn’t make sense that I don’t have a single Mizuki Nana DVD if you think about how much I admire her. =P
So if it is available at my local CD/DVD store, I will purchase it. If not then I will find a safe site to purchase online from. =D
I can do this because:
1) I have my own credit card (though my parents would know if I use it)
2) My mom is encouraging me to buy the concert DVD (even though she has no idea who Mizuki Nana is) Her logic: Buy it, and be motivated to work hard again. XD
3) My dad knows who Mizuki Nana is (as in, he knows of her existence) though he probably doesn’t recognize her by face YET.
4) No one can stop me! =D (except for my own wallet XD)


And here… Let the Mizuki Nana video spam begin! XD

One of my favourite videos:

And another… This one is possibly my most watched/listened to video:

Similarly, the POWER GATE PV is my favourite Mizuki Nana PV:

This one is the Making of Wild Eyes video from Nana Clips 3. She is so funny and cute in this one. XD

And I always found this to be a very cool PV (albeit more simple in comparison to her other PVs). Astrogration is also one of my favourite songs. =3 (Well, which Mizuki Nana songsdon’t I like? XD But this song is among my most-played list. 😉

That is all I’m going to put up for now. XD

EDIT: My mom walked in on me when I was watching the Mizuki Nana SUMMER FESTA 2007. She asked me who the girl was while sitting down in the chair beside me to watch her. XDD I gave her a five minute explanation of who Mizuki Nana is, a brief detail on what is known about her family and her past, and WHY I (along with her growing number of fans) RESPECT HER SO MUCH.

A small part of my conversation with my mom.
Mom: She doesn’t look that pretty at first glance.
Me: At first glance?
Mom: Yeah. I watch her now, and she strikes me as pretty cute. How old is she, 22, 23?
Me: Hehe.
Mom: You’re going to tell me she’s 20, aren’t you?
Me: Nope. She’s 27 here because this concert was in 2007. She’s 28 now.
Mom: Wow, she looks young! Do you have any close-up shots of her?

So I showed my mom Mizuki’s blog (because she has a lot of pictures of herself there). Then my mom proceeded to comment on how “cute” Mizuki Nana is and that maybe I should imitate her hairstyle. XDDD

I think I successfully convinced my mom how awesome Mizuki Nana is (with my “why I respect Mizuki Nana rant” (which I should write and post up one day) because she is even more supportive of me getting the concert DVD now. She even offered to pay for me! (She completely forgot her “motivation” logic from before) XD


15 comments on “Mizuki Nana wa saikou desu!!!

  1. LOL OMG I actually watched all the vids!!!
    I think I really need non-MSLN related Mizuki Nana songs, SHE’S SO AWESOME! O_O
    “Similarly, the POWER GATE PV is my favourite Mizuki Nana PV:”
    And she never ceases to impress me, she sings as well live as recorded! o_O
    Plus, I actually like her songs at first hear! (Usually I take some time to warm up to songs)
    GUH why do you have such a cool mom!!!
    My mom thinks that anime is pronounced as ‘enemy’, ’nuff said D:

      Isn’t it? XDD And she is shooting a BUBBLE gun too!
      “Plus, I actually like her songs at first hear! (Usually I take some time to warm up to songs)”
      I’m like that too!!! Which further proves that Mizuki Nana is a great singer. =D And I have yet to hear a single song by her that I do not like. =P
      “GUH why do you have such a cool mom!!!”
      For some reason, I find this sentence very amusing. XDD But thanks, I guess? It’s been a while since we (me and my mom) talked about my interests, because as I mentioned about a while back(?), she kept pushing the subject of my future which worsened our relation. =P But we still love each other because that’s just the way things work. XD
      Guilt usually sets in at the moment of making the payment, so I’ll likely end up buying it myself in the end.

      • Exactly why it’s so cute xD
        Eh I just reread your posts, and your reasons crack me up xD
        No fair, why do you have your own credit card ):
        😡 😡
        Oh I don’t talk much to my parents at all 😛
        All we say to each other is like:
        Mom: Go do your work now.
        Me: Mm.
        Mom: Go do your work now.
        Me: I KNOW! 😡
        Mom: Go do your work now.
        Me: … …
        Mom: Are you listening to me!?
        Etc etc. xD
        See, you’re lucky to have uber cool parents!!! 😀
        My dad would uh sell the house before he actually hears of Mizuki Nana, much less support me buying her DVDs -.-

        • Oh and I forgot to mention!
          I just woke up from my nap and this time I had a dream about digimon xD
          Which is like, my first digimon dream in a very very long time.
          I am bored and you are probably (definitely) sleeping. D:
          And I want to draw nanofate but I am out of ideas ;_;
          Oh well, sleep well! 😀

          • “Eh I just reread your posts, and your reasons crack me up xD
            No fair, why do you have your own credit card ):”

            Main Reason: Because my parents want me to stop using their money. XDD
            Sub-reason: It’s as a memory type of thing, because I applied for it through my school, so it has the university’s logo on it. =3
            “Oh I don’t talk much to my parents at all :P”
            *reads post on your LJ* That doesn’t seem to be the case. XDD
            Hm… Digimon dream? What’s it about? As random as your NanoFate dream? XDD I haven’t dreamt of Digimon in a long time.
            I am bored and you are probably (definitely) sleeping. D:
            And I want to draw nanofate but I am out of ideas ;_;”

            Don’t you just hate this thing known as timezones sometimes?
            Well, if you’re out of ideas to draw, how about writing? =D

            • Guh, if I had a credit card I would not eat, and use the money I get from not eating to buy fandom merch 😀 😀 😀
              See, I get to lose weight AND buy Fate stuff, how awesome is that! xD
              Nah, I was only talking to them then cause my mom was paying 😛
              We really don’t talk much at all at home :/
              NOOOO you’re supposed to give me IDEAS for nanofate picts, not attempt to shove me towards ficcing xD Since I don’t write fic well, and although I don’t draw that well either, I currently prefer drawing, so there! 😛
              Ps, I fixed your pict, btw. Sorta. xD

              • …I am not to that extreme. XD Sure I need anime (especially Fate) to survive, but I need food to survive FIRST. XDD
                Well, you already started a part of your fic, and since you were bored and have no ideas to draw, you might as well? XDD
                Ok, fine, drawing ideas… Well, I dreamt of Nanoha and Fate flying through the night sky (while holding hands) a couple of nights ago. =D
                I LOVE YOU. That is all I can say. =D

  2. OMG, you’re such a fangirl. XDD
    And yes, as a proper fangirl you should own a CD/DVD!!!!
    Oh, I like POWER GATE. 🙂
    Great that your Mum is so supportive and open-minded. 😀

    • I know! XDD I think I fangirl way more over Mizuki Nana than Tackey&Tsubasa, but own much more T&T CDs/DVDs.XDD
      “And yes, as a proper fangirl you should own a CD/DVD!!!!”
      HAHA. OKAY! =D
      *nods nods* POWER GATE is very upbeat and energetic. Her strong voice really adds to the overall feel to the song. =D And she was great during the live performance!!! =D
      And… I know it’ll still take some time, but I hope you’re feeling better. =)

      • When did you fangirl over T&T?? XDDD
        (I didn’t know you owned THAT much of their CDs/DVDs)
        *nods* Yes, that’s why I liked POWER GATE. The live performance was quite good as well. 😉
        Thank you for still worrying about me. 😀 I feel better, but I feel like I’ll never completely accept & get over it.

        • I do fangirl over T&T every now and then. Nothing major like dedicating an entire post to them, but I do mention them. XDDD
          Hm… No, I don’t have THAT much (but definitely MORE because I have ZERO Mizuki Nana related merchandise. I fail as a fangirl. XDD BUT THAT SHALL BE FIXED SOON! =D).
          Let’s see… The T&T stuff that I have…
          Twenty-two Album
          Ho!Summer single
          Tackey & Tsubasa BEST album (blue)
          Takizawa Hideaki 2005 concert
          Tackey & Tsubasa Premium Live (Version B)
          (This thing was EXPENSIVE. ;_; Well worth it though =P)
          Mizuki Nana’s live performance (the ones I’ve seen at least) are all great. =D She puts in so much more energy than any other singers I’ve seen during concerts. (Actually, JAM Project can be said to be overflowing with enthusiasm and energy during their performances too, but they’re a group. It’s easier to be lively when there are others on stage. =3)
          *hugs* As long as you’re feeling better. Don’t worry about other things for now. =D

          • XDD Yeah, I know. 😀 At least there is some mentioning. XDD
            Gosh…I haven’t even watched the Premium Live DVD *sighs* (I think I have the A version 😉 )
            Yay for her! (more than any other?)
            Thank you. 😀 *clings*

            • You have it but haven’t watched it yet? I forget what the difference between the versions were. D: I remember how I originally wanted A but in the end got B… Hmm…
              *nods* More than any other (in terms of being a lone singer on stage). Like I said, JAM Project is the most energetic band I have seen to date. They are literally jumping all over the place (despite their age). XD
              T&T are restricted by their choreography during their concerts, so I can’t really feel their enthusiasm. And they often seem very tired?
              WaT’s enthusiasm in their live performances often feels forced. It doesn’t seem as natural as the way Mizuki Nana displays it. They all give me different feelings during live performances, and so far, I definitely like Mizuki Nana and Jam Project the best because they seem genuinely happy to be on stage.
              …Er, I am ranting again, aren’t I? XDD

              • Yeah.. I know. I was saving it for a holiday/right time and forgot it. It’s quite long, after all, so I need enough time. 😀
                Uh. the difference was in the third(?) disk: different footage.. from behind the scenes and different multiangle collection. Or something. XDD I don’t know why I chose A…
                *nods* Oh, you can ramble as much as you want. I just don’t have much to add. XDD
                How true, though. T&T do seem a little exhausted/to hold back…
                I also like the whole “jumping around the place” kind of performance. 😉

              • True, it IS long. You need to set aside at least 5 and a half hours (might as well make that half a day XD) to fully enjoy it. XDD
                I went to the official website and checked th differences. XD I remember why I originally wanted A now. I wanted to watch “documentary to the arena” which was only available in version A.
                I can understand why they might want to hold back, since they’re the type of focus more on choreography, but I really do wonder what they do to leave them exhausted for a live performance. XDDD
                The “jumping around the place” kind of performance makes it much more lively. =D

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